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The Best Tech I Ever Bought
The Dining Room Table
by Adam McLane

“That’s the stupidest thing you’ve ever bought!”

This is what our son Paul said when Kristen and I brought home our new dining room table a few years ago. When we moved from Michigan to California in 2008 we had to downsize, most of our furniture didn’t make the trip west, including our dining room table.

Houses in SoCal are smaller. We repurposed our dining room as a family room. And for several years dinner just kind of happened.

JONATHAN'S BLOG: SNL Mocks Christian Films
Saturday Night Live (SNL) has been poking fun at Christians for years. The question I want to ask is: is there any validity to their jesting? Or more importantly, can we learn anything from it?

A few weeks ago SNL did a sketch mocking the film God's Not Dead (and the sequel), mixed with the recent controversy about Christians refusing to provide services for gay weddings.

I was watching the sketch with my teen daughter and her response was, "Honestly Dad...I'm not trying to disrespect Christian films or anything... but, God's Not Dead kinda did feel like this. All the nonbelievers were depicted as evil, vindictive people."

Here's the SNL sketch followed by some discussion questions I've provided (Ministry Leaders: use this to provoke discussion with your leadership team).


So, instead of getting angry... let me ask you: what can we learn from this sketch about the world's perception of us?

Is this how we really are?

Is this how most unbelievers are?

What is the best way to reflect Christ to people who think we're like this?

Read I Peter 3:15-18 and ask yourself this: Why would someone ever ask you to give the reason for the hope that they see in you? (hint... they'd have to see it in you AND see you as someone they'd respect enough to ask. More on applying this verse in this free training video.)

How can you live your life this week so others see Christ in you?
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Season Three, Episode Thirteen, Arrow on the Doorpost
by Thom McKee Jr. Do the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few? Or, to put it another way, when one person is sacrificed in order to save a whole group of people, is the sacrifice justified?

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The Not-So-Hidden Effects
of Porn
The Habit May Be Secret…But Not Its Consequences
David R. Smith

Porn is a $97 billion-per-year enterprise. That equates to millions upon millions of users worldwide, many of them being impressionable adolescents. Most of them just want a habit that involves a few clicks and a quick clean up.

But real life setbacks keep...

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