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4 Steps to Asking Well-placed Questions
by Jonathan McKee

You’re watching Netflix with your teenagers, and you can’t help but notice one of the main characters in the show constantly engaging in irresponsible behaviors… with no consequences whatsoever!

You remember one of the most important principles in parenting today: Don’t freak out. Don’t overreact to the situation, cementing in your kids minds, “I better never share any of my struggles with Dad because this is how he’ll respond.”

One step better, you remember to replace lecturing with listening. You know this is where you want to ask a well-placed question helping your kids think through the ramifications of their choices.

JONATHAN'S BLOG: Miley’s VMA Reprise
This coming Sunday night MTV will be exhausting all means necessary to garner one thing: ratings.

MTV has a history of stooping to new lows for ratings for their Video Music Awards show. This year’s new low will be Miley Cyrus hosting the show.

Yes, MTV exploiting Miley is nothing new. But this year they’ve been already pushing the envelope, utilizing Miley’s desperation for attention in their TV ads for the upcoming awards show. Maybe you’ve seen them: the topless ad (with little greenscreen dots covering the essentials), the “giving us the finger” ad, or the cloud of smoke ad…


The show airs this coming Sunday night, an event that has drawn up to 12 million viewers in years past, but dropped 18 percent last year, only drawing 8.8 million viewers.

What does that mean?

That means MTV is desperate to bring that number up. And even if your kids don’t watch it, many of their friends will and the buzz will drive millions of kids to the internet to see what they missed the night prior.

We’ll be watching the show and posting a Youth Culture Window article Monday with our synopsis of what young people will take away from this year’s show. Subscribe to these FREE articles RIGHT HERE.
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Season 3, Episode 8, Made to Suffer
Most of us would probably have trouble sympathizing for The Governor (especially after what he did to Maggie). Personally, I have trouble sympathizing with anyone who’s first name is “The.” But this week, we definitely got a better peek into

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The Uphill Battle of Being a Girl
Certain Struggles Are Harder
on Girls

David R. Smith

Guys only have to shave their faces; girls must shave everywhere. Guys are labeled “studs” for sleeping around; girls are labeled “sluts” for the same act. And don’t even get girls started on their monthly “gift” that keeps on giving.

But according to new research, thse concerns might be eclipsed as...
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