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3 Truths Your Kids Need to Know on Valentine’s Day
by Jonathan McKee

Romance is in the air… and so is a WiFi signal. Both carry the “expectations” of how young people are supposed to behave in intimate settings.

Are you aware of said “expectations”?

In a world where young people average 9 hours a day being molded by entertainment media and screen time, it’s no wonder some are having a hard time keeping their hands to themselves. Misinformation is abundant. How can parents be sure their kids have heard the truth in a world so potent with lies?

JONATHAN'S BLOG: The Sex Talk Your Kids Hear Every Day
Your kids hear sex talks every day.

The question is, are you the one giving the talk?

It happens every time I bring up the subject of sex around parents. Parents always say, “Oh, I had that talk with Taylor last summer.”

I always want to reply, “Do you realize how many times Taylor has heard ‘the talk’ since then… on Netflix, YouTube and Google?”

The sobering fact is: our kids are hearing the talk. The question parents need to ask is, do you want your kids to hear it from you or Amy Schumar?

This Thursday parents who subscribe to our FREE “Parents e-Zine” will receive a brand new article titled, “3 Truths Your Kids Need to Know on Valentine’s Day.” This article is great for parents who want to have the talk… but don’t know exactly what to communicate.

And if you missed it—last week I posted links to numerous other helpful resources for BOTH youth workers AND parents helping them communicate the truth about sex in a world so potent with lies.
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"The Talk" Our Kids Hear Every Day
Jonathan McKee

Valentines Day is approaching, a month with cumbersome unwritten pressures to be in a relationship. The question is, what does that relationship entail? Are there… expectations?

If you peek through the perspective of today’s young people, you can’t ignore where they’re gleaning information for these decisions. Sure, they’ve got...
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