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Game Reviewed: Warhawk
Publisher: SCEA
Developer: Incognito Entertainment
Reviewer: Matthew Scott
Platform: PS3
Category: Online Air and Ground Combat
ESRB Rating: T

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Game Description:

Many times when a war game is released such as Call of Duty 4, Halo 3 or Battlefield Bad Company there are two different ways to play. The first way is called the Campaign mode which takes the player through a series of missions, sometimes telling a story. In campaign mode the player fights against computer controlled characters. The second way to play, however, is multiplayer. In multiplayer, usually everyone is controlled by a real person (often times by other players online) and then battles are played out. In the past, if a game had multiplayer it was usually considered a bonus to the game. However, with multiplayer becoming more and more popular, there are more games such as Halo 3 and Call of Duty 4 which gamers purchase primarily for the multiplayer and now multiplayer has become so popular that every once in a while a game comes out that is strictly multiplayer only. Warhawk is one of those games. Warhawk is a multiplayer only military game where 2 to 4 people can play splitscreen offline or up to 32 players can play over a Local Area Network or Online.

Warhawk has four different modes of play: Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag and Zones. The player can play as an infantry soldier from a third person point of view or there is the option to use combat vehicles such as tanks, jeeps and even fighter jets. In Warhawk, the player basically participates in an all out online virtual war.

What Parents Need to Know


No matter what style of game you play in Warhawk, the object is to stop the opposing team and you do that by shooting down their plane, blowing up their vehicle or doing whatever else is necessary within the game to stop the opposing team. Much of the game is shooting vehicles and aircraft, but you can also shoot infantrymen.


Although the ESRB says there is mild language, I did not come across any. However, other online players will sometimes use bad language.

Sexual Content

There is no inappropriate sexual content in this game.

Spiritual Content

There is no occult or supernatural in this game.


There is not a good side or bad side in Warhawk. There is a red team and blue team. It is much like if you were playing paint-ball with a bunch of friends.

Reviewer’s Thoughts

Warhawk can be a lot of fun if you are playing with the right people. I do wish, however, that there was a campaign mode if for no other reason than to get you comfortable with the controls of the game and how to play before you experience a multiplayer game. If you really enjoy multiplayer games, then you will most likely really enjoy Warhawk. Although because of the war content and the multiplayer aspect of the game, I would only recommend Warhawk to teens and adults.

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