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Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon

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Game Reviewed: Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon
Publisher: Ubisoft
Developer: Next Level Games
Reviewer: Cecil
Platform: Wii
Category: Shooter
ESRB Rating: T

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Game Description:

A group of ultra-nationalists have taken over Moscow and sent an invading army into Norway. When members of one of America’s most elite fighting groups, the Ghosts, end up dead or captured, two soldiers find themselves recruited into the ranks of the infamous Ghost Recon.

Fight your way through squads of militants from waves of grunts to the well-armed and deadly ultra-nationalist zealots. Operate high tech all-terrain drones and gunships as well as obliterating enemy armored units with the high explosive Zeus rocket launcher and shoulder-mounted mortar.

Shoot your way through or slip behind the unsuspecting to gain the advantage in twelve levels of urban warfare with the ultimate goal of liberating Moscow and Russia from a fanatical tyrant.

Ghost Recon also touts multiplayer ability although this is a bit overstated. Two players can play side by side in Campaign mode, working cooperatively to complete each level. However, the “online” multiplayer is merely a leader board of high scoring players, making it more a contest than a sport. Each player can test their mettle on any number of levels individually, cooperatively (on the same system) or competitively where each player tries to do more damage than their fellow Ghost. As such, online interactive game play is virtually nonexistent.

What Parents Need to Know


Ghost Recon utilizes point-and-shoot mechanics throughout the game. Unlike other Tom Clancy games (IE: Rainbow Six, Splinter Cell or other Ghost Recon versions), this version is not played in a free-moving format. The player’s character remains behind nearly indestructible barriers until they click on the next waypoint. In this way, players cannot move in reverse or return to the point of origin or anywhere else along the path except for the next forward waypoint.

As per most war games, Ghost Recon does involve shooting firearms and the use of explosives. No blood or gore is visible as enemy soldiers either fall or are thrown to the ground where they simply disappear after a time.

When the player’s character becomes severely wounded, red effects pulse at the edge of the screen.


There is no bad language in this game.

Sexual Content

There is not any inappropriate sexual content in this game.

Spiritual Content

In regards to spiritual content, there is nothing in the way of religious or supernatural elements in the game.

Reviewer’s Thoughts

Compared to several other warfare games available on Wii (e.g.: The Conduit, Call of Duty, Goldeneye 007) Ghost Recon is tolerable. While lacking the visual effects for violence, the game also lacks problem solving, true interactive game play, and multiplayer engagement.

While not a game most mature players will enjoy, younger “tweeners” may find it challenging with enough grit to keep their interest without parents having to worry about excessive violence, gore or language.

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