About Reviews

About our Reviews:

1. Our reviews are not like other game reviews. Most game review sites review a game based on how fun the game is or how realistic the graphics are. At The Source for Parents our reviews are designed to give parents detailed information when it comes to a game’s content in 5 different areas: Violence, Bad Language, Sexual Content, Spiritual Content & Misc. The first 4 specific areas are focused on because in our experience these are the areas most parents ask about. The Misc. section is designed for anything else noteworthy about a game we feel parents may want to be aware of. Also, our reviews may not list out every detail that a parent might want to know about a game, but we do list what we feel are the best examples in the game that parents would want to know about.


2. Some reviews are based on a partial playthrough of the game. Since our review team is made up of volunteers, we are not always able to play a game 100% to completion due to time restraints.  The majority of the time a reviewer will play through a game at least once, but many games today have more than one possible path to take or more than one possible ending. As such, sometimes our reviewers are not able to catch everything in a game that a parent might want to know about.


3. We are not out to destroy or hurt the video game industry. All of our reviewers consider themselves to be serious gamers. We recognize, however, that not all games are designed with children in mind, so our aim is to make parents be aware of a game’s content so that a parent can decide if a game is appropriate for their family or not.


4. Our reviewers work on their own time and money. We do our best to keep up with what is current, but because our reviewers work on their own time and money, this means that we are not always able to provide a review for every game released. Still, we try to provide you with what is most popular. If, however, you have a request for a game you would like to see reviewed, please e-mail us with that request.  We will do our best to assist you.