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Looking for other sites that have parenting resources you can actually use! Check out some of these "Jonathan Approved" sites!

A Li'l Bit:
A Li'l Bit was created by Jonathan McKee, creator of He wanted to provide a weekly podcast where kids could simply hear God's word presented in a real and relevant way. Nothing crazy, nothing too hard to understand... just pure truth shared in 10 minute "easy to understand" segments. We chose iTunes as our vehicle for communicating this truth because we see more kids carrying iPods with them than Bibles. So we figured that this would be a good way to get the truth into the ears of a generation of young people who are going to make an impact in this world.

Al Menconi:
Al is one of the authors who writes for our Parenting Help page on I've quoted Al and plugged his newsletters in the past. Al Menconi Ministries' mission is to educate and equip Christian parents, leaders and youth to consider the values communicated in their entertainment—especially today's music—and encourage choices consistent with God's Word. Al writes fantastic articles; be sure to check this site out!

Center for Parent/Youth Understanding:
This site has a veritable plethora of great resources about youth culture. Walt Mueller, president of Center for Parent/Youth Understanding (CPYU), publishes a quarterly newsletter about youth culture available on this CPYU web site. This is great site with lots of useful links to help us keep current with where youth are today. Check it out. - A Substance Abuse Guide for Parents is an organization that provides factual information that gets through to young people, causing them to actually change their mindset about using drugs. The website is a great help for educating people to the truth about drugs and the addictions they can cause.
As a parent there is nothing more important than your child's well-being. Knowing the extent of the drug problem in our society, any parent naturally tries to protect their child from the destruction drugs can cause them physically, mentally and emotionally. Check out their Substance Abuse Guide for Parents to keep you in the know.

HomeWord has developed this web site as a resource to parents. This site is the home of the popular radio show "HomeWord with Jim Burns." Jim is one of the authors who writes for our Parenting Help page on Jim’s HomeWord website is laid out extremely well with resources for all. Some of the highlights are their free parent newsletter, daily devotions, real life answers and articles. Check it out!

Plugged In:
I use this Focus on the Family website for film reviews, music reviews and TV reviews. The Film reviews are from a Christian perspective and list all positive elements, spiritual content, sexual content, violence, etc. A great site to check out before taking your family to see "American Pie."

Screen It:
This is an incredible resource to screen movies or videos before you see them. This detailed site reviews and lists every influential element, from specific bad language and imitative behavior to drug and alcohol content and scenes you'd just rather your kids or yourself not see. This isn't just a "warning label" site; there's also a box labeled, "Topics To Talk About" on each movie description page. Don't let the "subscriber" prompt fool you; you can look up loads of movies after you scroll to the bottom of the home page and just click the "GO TO FREE REVEIWS" button.

The Real Facts about Drugs:
'The Real Facts about Drugs' is a site filled with information on common narcotics, as well as guidance on issues such as substance abuse, addiction help and more.