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Parenting Middle Schoolers
More Than Just Surviving This Transitional Phase
by Jonathan McKee

Parenting was difficult enough, and then our kids metamorphosized into something called a “tween.” They’re kind of like mutants during this time—half kid, half teen. And now that most of them have devices in their hands, raising them has just become more difficult!

But it’s not easy for them either. They go to school where half the boys are only 4 feet tall with squeaky voices, and the other half are giant ogres with body hair. Some girls still play with Barbies, while others are sexually active.

So how can we possibly parent today’s middle schoolers during this confusing transitional phase?

JONATHAN'S BLOG: What age should my kid be on social media?
It’s one of the biggest questions I hear from parents at my workshops each month. “What age should I let my kids have a smartphone?” or “What age should I allow them to get SnapChat, Insta and all the other social media apps they want?”

We’ve posted some great resources on recently that will help answer that question, including a brand new article posted just this week titled, Parenting Middle Schoolers: More Than Just Surviving This Transitional Phase. But parents of high school students shouldn’t ignore that article, because in the early part of the article where I talk about “Delaying Social Media” I not only provide some brand new research about the undeniable connection from social media to the rise of depression in America, but I also provide some helpful questions you can ask your kids to engage them in meaningful conversation about this subject.

You can read even more about this trend in our recent article, 3 Ingredients Catalyzing the Spike in Teen Depression: And How a Caring Adult Can Actually Help.

But for those parents whose kids already have devices, then you’ll find some very practical advice in our article Helping Your Kids THINK Before They CLICK: Two Conversations We Need To Have, giving you some helpful tips from my brand new book, The Teen’s Guide to Social Media and Mobile Devices.

If you’re looking for answers to these questions and more, I recently answered the top 30 questions asked by parents today in this blog. Check out that series of posts HERE.

Oh… and the answer to that question… what age? (I guess you’ll have to read that first article to find out.)   :)
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