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Parenting Middle Schoolers
More Than Just Surviving This Transitional Phase
by Jonathan McKee

Parenting was difficult enough, and then our kids metamorphosized into something called a “tween.” They’re kind of like mutants during this time—half kid, half teen. And now that most of them have devices in their hands, raising them has just become more difficult!

But it’s not easy for them either. They go to school where half the boys are only 4 feet tall with squeaky voices, and the other half are giant ogres with body hair. Some girls still play with Barbies, while others are sexually active.

So how can we possibly parent today’s middle schoolers during this confusing transitional phase?

JONATHAN'S BLOG: Interviewed on Canadian TV
Last Friday I was interviewed by our polite neighbors up north on Canadian TV show 100 Huntley Street.

The conversation was about teens and mobile devices--who our kids are talking with, what they are posting, and the content they're absorbing. I love host Maggie Johns who opens the door immediately declaring, "Social media! You can't hide it from your kids forever!" She thanks me for my new book, The Teen's Guide to Social Media and Mobile Devices and informs me, "This is the book I'm going to give to my son Ethan on his 13th birthday!"

Maggie asks, "What is the number one piece of advice you give parents like myself who have kids who are embarking in this whole world of social media at their fingertips?"

Watch the entire interview HERE:

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