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I have just stumbled on your site, and you have some really good stuff going on. Many of your articles and resources are interesting and seem to come from a much more healthy perspective than many other Christian sites on the subject. I really like what you are doing. However, there has been one issue on which I have not yet been able to determine your stance. That is the issue of video games. I have seen some articles that seem to take a very anti-game stance, but all written by a single person. Could you give me a little more information about your stance regarding video games?


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Thanks for the email.

First, I'm happy to share with you some resources and tips about using discernment with today's video games. We definitely don't have an anti-game stance. (I'm actually curious as to which article of ours you read that you perceived as "anti-game.") As a matter of fact, we're about to add a GAME REVIEWS section to our websites. We are merging and absorbing the content from in the next month.
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