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Resistance 2

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Game Reviewed: Resistance 2
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Developer: Insomniac Games
Reviewer: Paul Stewart
Platform: PS3
Category: First-Person Shooter
ESRB Rating: M
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Game Description:

In my previous review of Resistance: Fall of Man, the human race is threatened by a mutant race called the Chimera that spreads across the continents of Asia and Europe in 1951. Britain is the last surviving European resistance (hence the title) facing this threat to humanity, and American soldier, Nathan Hale, leads the resistance to victory by destroying the Chimeran Tower in London. Unfortunately, at the beginning of the first game, Nathan is infected by the Chimera virus, and hasn’t got long until he becomes a Chimera himself.

Resistance 2 takes place after the Battle of London, where Nathan hooks up with SRPA (Special Research Projects Administration) a team of scientists and soldiers working together to combat the Chimeran invasion. The game begins with Nathan’s team crash-landing in Iceland, where they accidentally unleash the Chimeran leader, Daedalus, who plans to wipe out the human race in favor of Chimeran evolution. Nathan is extracted to America after the battle.

Over the next two years, Hale is inducted into the Sentinels, a group of soldiers like Hale who have been infected with the Chimera virus. With help from Russian scientist, Dr. Malikov, Hale regularly takes inhibitor injections to slow the progression of the Chimera infection, but Hale must do whatever he can to save the human race, even at the expense of his own life, if necessary.

What Parents Need to Know


Trust me when I say that Resistance 2 (or any of the Resistance games) is NOT for the faint of stomach. It is a VERY violent game, and bloodstained environments are never scarce. This game in comparison to the first one is much bloodier and gorier. What the game lacked in storms of strong profanity, it definitely made up for in gore.

Copious amounts of blood spurt from humans and Chimera when shot or killed, blood splatters on walls and floor. Some strains of Chimera can sometimes explode into gory pieces accompanied by squishy sounds, especially if killed by explosives or shotguns (or even crushed by closing doors or elevators.) There is a weapon called a Splicer, which shoots blades and saws off body parts. Some enemy or human gore can be seen lying in pools of blood, but some of it eventually disappears) minus the blood).

The edges of the screen turn redder the more damage you take. One cut-scene has a soldier gunned down by the Chimera, blood sprays on screen. Some humans explode into a splash of blood when eaten by underwater Chimera. A scientist and some of your team is swarmed by a storm of Chimera bugs, bloody guts spew onto windows in gruesome detail. At the end of the game, Hale can blast shockwaves at enemies, blowing them to pieces.

Some bloodied or dismembered corpses can be found lying on the ground, including torsos and legs. A chameleon Chimera (reminiscent of the infamous Predator) impales and tears up one soldier and turns another into a pile of dismembered limbs a few minutes later. Another soldier is snatched by a Chimera reminiscent of Shelob the Spider in Lord of the Rings, but survives. Daedalus impales a soldier with one of his tentacles and rips him in two. We see his bloody torso afterwards. Later in the level, he snatches up another soldier, raining down blood a second later. Hale is impaled by one of Daedalus' tentacles (in first-person perspective), but survives.

A few levels have some puffy growths on the walls and ground, which must be Chimera eggs. Shoot enough bullets in them, and they will explode into blood and gory pieces, revealing an unborn Chimera inside. Some levels have badly decomposed humans lying around in some areas. On two occasions, a dead soldier is found with his torso torn off.

A man is sedated in the head with a tranq. gun, and is roughly subdued while his captors inject him. Those infected with the Chimera virus are cocooned into fleshy egg sacs where they are mutated into those razor-teethed, six-eyed, nightmarish monsters. Newborn Chimera, also known as "Spinners," behave no differently from a frenzied zombie horde. Hale's symptoms include loss of hair, blackened veins, and Amber eyes. A soldier-turned-Chimera is shot in the brain, blood sprays before the screen cuts to black.

One boss level has you shoot rockets at a giant Leviathan Chimera, torrents of blood gush from its eye upon death. Another boss level has you electrocute a main Chimera to death.

The opening cut-scene has some terrifying shots of the Chimera.


Two uses of f**k, infrequent uses of s**t, "Screw it!", and frequent mild profanity and misuses of God's name. Online servers are disabled for Resistance 1, 2, and 3, so profanity from other players shouldn’t be an issue.

Sexual Content:

The Spinner Chimera appear to be naked, but thankfully, no genitalia is visible. If you get a copy of the game for disc, the instruction manual for the game has a page with some scantily clad women (50’s era apparel at the time).


The Chimera themselves look demonic in form.

Daedalus seems to communicate telepathically to Hale, due to his Chimeran infection. He argues that the Chimera are the evolution of man, instead of a disease, and even claims that the Chimera were there before humans even began. There is even talk about Chimerans being around for tens of millions of years.

Malikov says, "May God be with us."


Hale never leaves his fellow soldiers or allies behind, and even puts himself at risk to go in and rescue them. In spite of his deteriorating condition, Hale refuses to stop even for healing, until the Chimeran threat is defeated. Capelli threatens to kill Hale once he turns, which Hale aggressively responds, "Offer accepted." He almost shoots Hale in the head when he suffers a seizure, but he stands down.

SPOILERS: Capelli is forced to shoot a main character once he turns into a Chimera, but he asks forgiveness and says it's been an honor, before he pulls the trigger. One of Hale's allies is eventually revealed to be responsible for the creation of Daedalus and the spread of the Chimeran outbreak. (End Spoilers)

A possible suicide victim is found laying dead on his bed, with a badly decomposed corpse lying next to him and a pile of pills on the floor next to him.

A Child’s Perspective:

Appropriate for kids?! Don’t make me laugh! If this game is gory and scary enough to shock me, it is all the proof you need to know that this game is not intended for kids at all.

Reviewers Thoughts:

Resistance 2, like its predecessor, deserves its recognition as one of the most entertaining shooters for the PS3, but in spite of its strengths, the game does have its faults. While the graphics were amazing, especially the levels like San Francisco, Bryce Canyon, and Chicago, I felt that the story was a little too lengthy in my opinion. I felt frustrated when I felt like I had gotten to Chapter 5, but instead I was still working on Chapter 4. The Chimera are very well designed, especially the zombie-horde instincts of the Spinners. The bosses were also neatly designed (especially the Leviathan), though sometimes a little less challenging than expected.

Due to the non-stop carnage, scariness, and profanity, I recommend this game to adults only. If you are a fan of Resistance, first-person shooters, and are not easily offended by excessive blood and guts that last throughout the entire game, then Resistance 2 is probably okay for you, but if you have any younger siblings or kids, please play this game behind closed doors and either stick to renting this game or locking it away when you’re not playing it.

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