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Resistance: Fall of Man

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Game Reviewed: Resistance: Fall of Man
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Developer: Insomniac Games
Reviewer: Paul Stewart
Platform: PS3
Category: First-Person Shooter
ESRB Rating: M
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Game Description:

Imagine if World War II wasn’t fighting the Nazis, Japanese, or Italians, but something entirely different.

Imagine if it took place in a world where entire continents have been infected with an aggressive, body-mutating disease, that turned people into horrifying monsters. Imagine if the Allied powers were fighting these monsters, not only for freedom, but for our species’ very existence.

Welcome to the world of Resistance: Fall of Man.

Resistance takes place in an alternate universe, in the year 1951, where a monstrous race called the Chimera has spread from Russia to the rest of the European continent. The Chimera are mutated humans who have been infected with the virus, taken to these “Conversion” centers, and mutated into souless, razor-teethed, six-eyed, bloodthirsty monsters, who launch an assault upon the entire human race. Fortunately, an American/British resistance group stationed in Great Britain fights back against the Chimeran invasion, where you play American soldier, Nathan Hale, who has been infected by the Chimera virus (but is surprisingly immune to the mutations) and must learn the secrets of the Chimera and find a way to drive them back.

What Parents Need to Know


The Chimera are humans-turned-monsters that are hideously disfigured. Enemies spurt copious amounts of blood upon death, and the walls and floors can be splattered with blood. Some strains of Chimera bites and claw at you if it gets too close to you, and you have to shake the controller to break free; copious amounts of blood is shown. Enemies do not disappear after death, although some corpses disappear after you kill more enemies.

Some strains of Chimera explode into bloody gory pieces upon death. Running over Chimera in a vehicle results in blood and squishy sounds.

Chimera begin as little, beetle-like insects called Crawlers, which swarm soldiers and infect them. One gross-out scene has a soldier incapacitated by a swarm, and the bugs crawl into his open mouth. One major character appears to be threatening to kill himself with a grenade, but he puts it down.

During the conversion process, the incapacitated humans are cocooned, and eventually hatch as Chimera. Newborn Chimera are painfully implanted with a power pack on their back, blood spurts as a result.


There are a few British expletives like bloody, sodding, etc.

Infrequent mild profanity, and infrequent misuses of God's name.

The ESRB rating mentions "strong language," but I haven't heard a single use of the f-word, unless it's in the barely audible, non-subtitled battle chatter.

The online servers for this game have been disabled, so profanity from other players shouldn’t be an issue.

Sexual Content:

One strain of Chimera appears to be naked, but nothing explicit is shown.


One soldier says, "I swear to Australia," another says he'll pray on every star in the sky.

Some levels have names like, "Angel," "Angel's Lair," or "Devil at the Door." One level takes place in the Manchester Cathedral, which has been converted to a supply cache/infirmary, but is also a Chimeran breeding ground.

One form of Chimera is called an "Angel," which controls groups of Chimera and communicates telepathically to them, including Nathan.

The Chimera themselves look a little demonic in nature


One soldier, Cartwright, is a little distrustful of Hale at first, but he still chooses to help him despite his Chimera infection.

A Child’s Perspective: For an M-rated military shooter, Resistance: Fall of Man is no worse off than Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, albeit a little more gory. Nonetheless, I wouldn’t recommend this game to teens under 17.

Reviewers Thoughts:

Resistance: Fall of Man is definitely a well-made game, and deserved its Greatest Hits label. The Chimera are probably some of the best bad guys in video gaming history next to the Helghast in Killzone.

Resistance has also made a cameo appearance in Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale. (No playable characters, I’m afraid. Sorry.) However, the game can be a little challenging in some parts, especially near the end, as enemies get tougher, and check points get harder to reach. If you are a fan of sci-fi shooters and are looking for a decent challenge, Resistance: Fall of Man is the game for you, although I trust you’ll respect the M-rating before letting your kids play it.

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