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Mario Kart 8

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Game Reviewed: Mario Kart 8
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Nintendo
Platform: WiiU
Category: Racing
ESRB Rating: E
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Game Description:

I don’t imagine this game needs any introduction, but let’s do it anyway. Mario Kart is a long-running series that puts a large cast of characters from across the Mario games behind the wheel for a silly, fun racing game that’s been a popular party game for a long time. Unlike more realistic racing games, Mario Kart includes the use of a bunch of silly items, from Koopa shells to bananas to giant Bullet Bills, mixing up the action and keeping everything enjoyable.

The series has gone through many iterations and a lot of evolutions, and this WiiU game is the latest, innovating the series with smooth online play and a great replay feature to look back on the best moments of your races. And, in a move that surprises absolutely no one, it is completely and entirely appropriate for your children. But in case you want the specifics, here they are.

What Parents Need to Know


Many items are made to slam into other racers and knock them around, slowing their progress. It’s all very cartoony, and no one is ever hurt; there are just a lot of flipping carts and colorful impacts.

Nothing to report.

Sexual Content:
There’s nothing even vaguely sexual about this game.

Mario has always had mild underlying magical themes, and some

A Child’s Perspective: I have no access to a child at the moment, but I can confirm that no child in the history of ever has hated Mario Kart. It’s about as zany and fun as you can get, and the only kids I’ve met who wouldn’t like it are preteens going through their “that’s kid stuff” phase.

Reviewers Thoughts:
I will be entirely honest: Mario Kart hasn’t really engaged me since Double Dash on the Gamecube. I just felt like I was playing the same game over and over.

But Mario Kart 8 delivers on the best of the series, then adds some much-needed flair and some neat features to the mix. The replay feature is really fun, giving you some neat ways to customize how you can look back on the most memorable moments of a given race. The online play is fun, fast, and generally just works well. And some of the courses are so cool in their design that just racing through them is a joy. I’ve enjoyed this more than any game in the series, and since it’s certainly appropriate for your children, I think you (and your family) will enjoy it as well.

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