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Motocross Madness

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Game Reviewed: Motocross Madness
Publisher: Microsoft Studios
Developer: Bongfish
Platform: Xbox 360
Category: Racing
ESRB Rating: E10
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Game Description:

Motocross Madness is something of an extension of a classic series from back in the day, and it attempts to cross the basic tenants of off-road bike racing with the Xbox’s player avatars. The game takes the player’s avatar through a series of races and challenges, and allows them to face off with friends.

It’s a rather simple racing game at its core (races against the computer and/or friends, doing tricks over jumps to get boost power), though it does have a lot of different types of content. It was offered as the free game for the first half of August as part of the Xbox Games with Gold program, and thus is owned by a decent amount of Xbox 360 owners.

Honestly, I don’t have much to say about the game itself… I’ll explain why after demonstrating how kid-friendly the game is.

What Parents Need to Know


If the player crashes, their avatar can go flying rather far. Their body does not get mangled or anything, they just skid across the ground for a long while.

There are barely any words in this game, let alone offensive ones.

Sexual Content:
Nothing to speak of.

The day a racing game takes on spiritual topics will be an interesting one indeed. The day of Motocross Madness’ release was exceptionally uninteresting.

It may be worth noting that players can play with each other online, and create content for the game. Xbox has content filters to try and make sure no offensive content gets through, but that doesn’t always mean other players can’t act in offensive ways.

A Child’s Perspective:
I have no children available to check these games out, but I can say the game is simple enough to be playable by a child, and if they enjoy racing I see little reason why they wouldn’t enjoy this game.

Reviewers Thoughts:
I will admit I bear no love for the racing genre. I almost feel unqualified to talk about this. Motocross Madness is a perfectly functional game, but it’s also a perfectly average one. It has some cool social features, and a large variety of game modes, but lacks anything to separate it from the pack. Or maybe my lack of interest in the genre is just making me feel like it’s the exact same as every other racing game I’ve played. It’s moments like these I wish we had a reviewer who enjoyed racing games.

In any case, the game is simple and inoffensive, so I would not hesitate to allow a kid to play it.

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