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Dragon's Crown

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Game Reviewed: Dragon's Crown
Publisher: Atlus
Developer: Atlus
Reviewer: Samuel Gronseth
Platform: Playstation 3, Playstation Vita
Category: RPG, Beat-em-Up
ESRB Rating: T
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Game Description:

The first thing most people remember about Dragon’s Crown was some controversy regarding its female character models. Hyper-sexualized female characters are not uncommon in video games, unfortunately, but when some people complained about the female character designs in this game, the lead artist for the game had some very unkind words for those who took issue with the sexual nature of his work. It actually became a pretty big deal in the media, especially since the industry and culture surrounding video games are finally becoming aware of the immature way gender roles are handled in the medium as a whole.

As it turns out, that’s about the only thing anyone will remember Dragon’s Crown for in the end. It’s a fairly unremarkable RPG where you choose which character you would like to play, then beat up monsters in a side-scrolling brawl with whatever skillset your chosen character possesses. The story barely exists, just enough to give you reason why you’re beating stuff up. The base gameplay is an interesting mix of RPG and classic beat-em-up gameplay, like if Double Dragon had a leveling system and different classes to choose from, but the result is still not particularly memorable.

That said, if your kid is interested in this game, you’ll still want to know whether it’s appropriate for them.

What Parents Need to Know


The gameplay has plenty of stabbing, slicing, shooting, and kicking to be had, but it’s not graphic in the slightest. It’s fairly cartoony violence. Some cutscenes have still images of more graphic violence, such as a knight impaled on a bloody sword.


I did not encounter any bad language in this game.

Sexual Content:

As the controversy suggested, the female characters in this game tend to be highly sexualized. Like beyond the point of even being attractive. This game has breasts so ridiculously huge that what little fabric covers them really doesn’t. I’m fairly certain, by any real rules of anatomy, many of these characters would have their nipples exposed, and it is only by the grace of an animator simply not putting them there that they’re not. These breasts will sometime jiggle in an exaggerated manner during combat. Players can also unlock images in a gallery, many of which are highly suggestive and contain partial nudity of the butt and breasts.


It’s a world of magic, but there’s nothing exceptional here. Just typical fantasy stuff.


The player visits a tavern regularly. Some characters are seen drinking or smoking pipes.

A Child’s Perspective: Most T-rated games I will have my nephew play, since most tend to be rated T for the same level of violence that would earn a movie a PG-rating. This one, however, I did not. Those breasts are just too ridiculously large.

Reviewers Thoughts:

When I was assigned this game, I took it gladly, looking forward to seeing what became of that game with the controversy over its female character models. I was disappointed in a number of ways. Firstly, the controversy seemed to have no effect on the game. Unless the few well-clothed female characters were originally as scantily clad as most of them are, which would just be sad. I am seriously getting tired of women going into battle half-naked alongside men in full plate armor.

Secondly, the game is just mediocre. The combat is alright, but very repetitive. The RPG elements are there, and do make for an interesting genre mixture, but we’ve seen it all before, and all it really accomplishes is adding busywork between each of the fighting missions. The art style is interesting, but also entirely familiar, and doesn’t seem demanding enough for a Playstation 3 game; it looks like a game I could play on my 2009 Macbook.

In the end, a recommendation for your child is iffy. I will generally make recommendations despite content if the game is truly a worthwhile work, but this is just a mediocre game with a ton of near-nudity thrown in for the sake of male gratification. I see no reason to recommend it to anyone.

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