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Soul Calibur V

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Game Reviewed: Soul Calibur V
Publisher: Namco-Bandai
Developer: Project Soul
Reviewer: Justin Matthew
Platform: PS3 also on Xbox 360
Category: Fighting
ESRB Rating: T
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Game Description:

(Warning: This Review Contains Spoilers)

17 years after the events of Soul Calibur IV, the two swords, Soul Edge, and Soul Calibur hunt for innocent souls to help aid them in their battle for power. Soul Edge, the more evil of the two swords, turns its wielder into a villain known as Nightmare, a recognizable villain from past Soul Calibur games. While Soul Calibur, the more “good” of the two swords, chooses its own wielder to fight against Nightmare, but the sword almost brainwashes its wielder, Patroklos, in this installment of the franchise.

When it comes down to it, Soul Calibur V is a fighting game. There is a story mode that follows a new character to the series named Patroklos who is on a mission to save his sister from a curse that falls on those who have come in contact with the evil Soul Edge sword. The story is told mostly through storyboards with fighting matches sprinkled in. To be honest, while it probably seemed like a good idea at the time, the story mode is probably one of the games weakest aspects.

In addition to the Story Mode, there is the classic Arcade Mode in which the player chooses a fighter and goes through a series of matches. There is also an Online Mode in which players can battle it out with other people online.

What Parents Need to Know

(Warning: This Review Contains Spoilers)


During the fights, there is no blood; instead there are bright flashes of light when one fighter comes in contact with another fighter.

Although, there is no blood within the fighting matches, some blood can be made out in the storyboards that are depicted in Story Mode.

In the beginning of the Story Mode you see the protagonist, Patroklos, kill an innocent person out of what is thought to be a heroic action but is later found out to be a villainous act which is acted upon to help the antagonist, Nightmare.

A character called Aeon, who is a giant lizard, eats his opponent as a victory scene. This is not graphically seen but you can tell that he is eating the opponent that you just defeated.

One of the lines that Nightmare says when he wins is, “I will drown the world in blood and darkness.”

Also at the end of the game Patroklos was brainwashed into killing his own sister out of what again was thought to be good, but later finds out that he was tricked yet again. He then decides to head back in time and attempt to save his sister instead of killing her.


Use of the words damn, bitch, and bastard are heard in the dialog. The literal use of the word hell is used. The use of God’s name being used in vain is used by some characters.

Sexual Content

Some characters in this game wear very revealing clothes. Men show off their chests. Woman show off their cleavage and portions of their butts.

Some characters boobs bounce up and down depending on the type of clothing that they are wearing. One character in particular, Ivy, wears a very sexual suit showing off a very erotic bra.

In character creation, you can create a character wearing nothing but their underwear and a bra if it is a female character. You can also augment her breast size.

One character named Cervantes, a pirate, makes mention of selling women and children.

Spiritual Content

This whole game revolves around the collecting of souls for a sword named Soul Edge. In order for the sword to devour the souls, the sword needs to kill the person who holds the soul. Once the soul is taken from the body it is then said to be given to the devil, and the soul is reborn as a Malfested.

As I mentioned in the Game Description, there is also a sword called Soul Calibur, which is supposed to be the better of the two swords, but in my opinion it seemed to be just as evil as Soul Edge since it seems to think that the only way to stop evil is by killing it. For example, towards the end of the Story Mode, the soul of Soul Calibur takes up in human form and attempts to kill Patroklos because he wanted to let his sister live even though the sword Soul Edge had taken her over.

One of the characters, Viola, uses a magic orb as a weapon.

In order to resurrect the power of Soul Calibur, the protagonists had to perform a ritual in order to bring it back to its former glory.

Reviewer’s Thoughts

In my opinion the game Soul Calibur seemed to be just like the sword of the same name. It is a fun game to play, but there also seemed to be a darker side to it. Add in the sexual and spiritual content and I would not recommend this game for young players. As for older audiences who enjoy fighting games, if the above mentioned content does not bother you, then Soul Calibur V will be a fun distraction until one of the other fighting games comes out later this year like Street Fighter x Tekken.

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