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Wii Fit Plus

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Game Reviewed: Wii Fit Plus
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Nintendo
Reviewer: Cecil
Platform: Wii
ESRB Rating: E
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Game Description:

Time to get physical and have fun too! Wii Fit Plus offers a great combination of interactive games from skateboarding and downhill skiing to yoga poses and strength training.

Everything about Wii Fit Plus is centered on fun while staying active and having a healthy lifestyle. While there are games and challenging activities, do not be surprised if you find yourself winded or aching a little after a round of Rhythm Karate or chasing robotic gophers with a Segway.

But if you are about getting down to business, there are more than enough exercises and routines to keep you going and getting strong day after day. Take advantage of the “My Wii Fit” option to design and develop the best plan of action for exercise from fully customizable routines to short, area-focused sets. And best of all, Wii Fit Plus makes every bit easy and enjoyable for you, your family and even your pet!

What Parents Need to Know


Cartoon violence can be seen in very few activities, such as Boxing where the player squares off against a robotic punching bag or the Segway race where the player chases down and ‘tags’ a robotic gopher.


No bad language.

Sexual Content

No sexual content. A player can choose which gender they will interact with, male or female, during yoga and strength training exercises. Both are clad in standard exercise outfits.

Spiritual Content

No spiritual content other than one activity called the Lotus Focus, which involves concentrating on a candle and maintaining stillness in spite of distraction to keep the flame from flickering.


Wii Fit Plus requires the Balance Board. Wii owners who already have the original Wii Fit can easily upgrade to the Plus version without having to purchase another board. There are many additions to Plus and several that children as young as 3 years old can play.

A Child’s Perspective

Samuel, 3 years old, thoroughly enjoys the Penguin balance game as well as the Balance Bubble activity.

Reviewer's Thoughts

Anyone who owns a Wii should seriously consider this game or the entire package if you do not have the Board already. In the weeks since I purchased Plus, my whole family has spent hours on hours playing many of the games and activities as well as developing routines for my wife and myself for physical fitness.

Plus is not a substitution for going to the gym, but it sure helps alleviate the ‘cabin fever’ we often feel during the winter or bad weather days. And since Plus is for players 3 and up, even our son can enjoy doing something active without his parents having to dress him appropriately for the outdoors.

Because of the great variety of activities, it is hard not to find something you can enjoy doing. And there is even a chart that shows what activities are played most and least and a graph that charts changes in your physique and conditioning the more you use it.

Wii Fit Plus has fast become my family’s favorite Wii game. And it helps us stay in shape too!

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