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Transformers Cybertron Adventures

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Game Reviewed: Transformers Cybertron Adventures
Publisher: Activision
Developer: Next Level Games
Reviewer: Max Collins
Platform: Wii
Category: Action, Third-Person Shooter
ESRB Rating: T
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Game Description:

TRANSFORMERS . . . More than meets the eye! This classic 80’s cartoon (which I watched) gets a second movie adaptation for the video game industry. The battle once again rages on for the control of a power source that will sustain the Decepticons indefinitely if the Autobots do not stop them. All the favorite characters from the movie are present. Even better, the gamer will be able to play as them within the levels. Some of them must be unlocked by completing certain levels but it is well worth the wait.

The gamer will be able to transform seamlessly from robot to vehicle to weapons mode. This is hugely important for the enjoyment of the game. When a person picks this game up to play they want to do one thing a ton of times, transform! This game definitely improves from the first installment and incorporates this fun adjustment into the game. There is also the option to upgrade all the characters which helps tremendously when advancing through the story mode. From the potency of weapon damage to the duration of turbo boost these upgrades keep the game fresh and occasionally cause a spontaneous, “NICE!”, to be shouted by the gamer.

The single player story modes are divided into two categories, Autobots and Decepticons. This allows the gamer to play through all the levels as both good and bad guys. Also the story line is not completely linear. The gamer will have the option to play through the levels they decide and jump back and forth between the two categories. This helps to give the game a bit of variety. Sometimes it is just good to load up Megatron and begin searching out Autobots to put into your submission. Another component to this non-linear gameplay is that it gives new insight into the background of the story mode, a bit more of the “why” can be answered after both categories are played.

What Parents Need to Know


This game is played in the third person point of view. There is no blood or gore in this game. It is possible, however, to run over people in the game when in vehicle mode. When they are hit by the vehicle their miniature bodies go flying off the screen. Also each time a robot shoots another robot in the head the term “headshot” is said loudly to let you know you did it correctly. When playing as a Decepticon anytime the gamer causes a car to explode you can hear humans screaming briefly. Also there are several parts in the Decepticon story where the gamer will kill human soldiers in and outside vehicles.


There are no profane language issues in this game. There is a lot of discussion between the Decepticons about being more ruthless in battle, killing more humans, and stripping flesh from the body of one character. The frequency of these discussion no doubt was one of the reasons this game got a “T” rating.

Sexual Content

There is no sexual content in this game.

Spiritual Content

There are no spirituality issues or endorsements in this game.

Reviewer's Thoughts

On the positive side, I enjoyed playing this game much more than the first Transformers movie adaptation game. This is due mostly to the freedom of the story mode gameplay. The game allowed me to go where I wanted and do mostly what I wanted in terms of the game. I have to admit I was reliving some childhood memories as well which helped to advance the enjoyment of the game. On the negative side, playing as a Decepticon puts the player fighting against good guys including some humans. Overall, however, I found this to be a very enjoyable game with minimum negative things to say in terms of content. Fans of both the movie and the old cartoon will probably enjoy at least giving this game a rental.

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