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UFC Undisputed 2010

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Game Reviewed: UFC Undisputed 2010
Publisher: THQ
Developer: Yuke’s
Reviewer: Castor Pollux
Platform: PS3 (also on Xbox 360)
Category: Sports
ESRB Rating: T
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Game Description:

The premier mixed martial arts organization in the world, Ultimate Fighting Championship, has come out with the next game in the UFC Undisputed series, UFC Undisputed 2010. For those that need a primer on what the UFC is all about, you can check out the “Game Description” section of my review from last year’s UFC Undisputed 2009.

After the success of UFC Undisputed 2009, it was hard for me to think of any game play improvements, but THQ did a great job of adding some things to keep the game fresh.

Career mode was totally overhauled. It now encompasses a longer 12 year career. During this career progress, you can pick your fighter’s interview responses and it becomes more interactive than just Week 1 fight, Week 2 workout, Week 3 fight, etc. Another improvement in the career mode is Joe Rogan, color commentator for the UFC, being able to actually remember what happened in the last fight and then describe it. The overall presentation made it feel like I was watching an actual UFC broadcast. Also improved is the create-a-fighter mode. In 2009, you only got to pick from a preset of moves for stand up fighting and your ground game. For 2010, you can learn whatever moves suits you best in an a la carte format. This makes creating your fighter more strategic and interesting.

The fighter selection is staggering. I think I counted 100+ fighters on the roster. Much more than the 80 or so offered in the 2009 edition. THQ did an awesome job of capturing their likeness to the game.

As far as the actual game play, there have been some improvements in the clinch and ground game, but like in the 2009 version, it still seems to be a complicated mess. Most of my fights ended up being just a stand up kickboxing match. I wanted to learn the ground game, I wanted to be good at the ground game, but any time I scored a takedown, I would move the right analog stick in various directions to try to gain positions and submissions, only to see my fighter twitch on the ground like he just got tazed by New York’s finest. Luckily, the stand up game has not changed much. The face buttons control a specific limb with the height modifiers being mapped to the L1 (head shots) and L2 (lower body/leg shots). Whether you throw a knee, kick, punch or elbow is determined by your distance from the opponent.

So with the pre-fight festivities out of the way, let us see how this brawler stacks up in the Tale of the “What Parents Need to Know” Tape.

What Parents Need to Know


During a fight, fighters take real-time damage. Score a few head kicks and you will start seeing cuts and bruises. In the event you do get cut, there is bleeding and staining on the octagon floor. Knockouts look just as brutal virtually as they do physically. Score a knockout and your opponent crumples to the floor in a heap of unconscious humanity. Submissions look painful with armbars and leg locks bending your appendages in ways that they were not meant to bend.


Some of the dialog in the game features language such as s__t, b___ch, and a__.

Sexual Content

The octagon ring girls are back, sporting tight short pants with revealing tops and an over-“inflated” sense of anatomy and body mechanics.

Spiritual Content

There was nothing of note in this category.

Reviewer’s Thoughts

As I stated in past reviews, I am a big fan of mixed martial arts, so liking this game was almost an automatic for me. There are still some gripes about the grappling controls, but overall, I think this is another great outing by the UFC in the video game market. The game is rated T, but if you already let your child watch UFC on TV, then this is just more of the same. There is some bad language in the game as well as the ogling of the ring girls by the in-game camera. Right now, if you are a mixed martial arts fan and gamer, this is quite literally, the only game in town.

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