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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtels Smash-Up

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Game Reviewed: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtels Smash-Up
Publisher: Ubisoft
Developer: Game Arts
Reviewer: Clint West
Platform: Wii (also available on PS2)
Category: Fighting
ESRB Rating: E10+
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Game Description:

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Smash Up is a fighting game with character design similar to the most recent CGI theatrical outing. There are multiple modes the player can engage in; arcade, mission, survival, and versus, as well as several mini games. Arcade mode is a simple story mode in which the player participates in a tournament put on by the turtle’s master, Splinter, for a prize of their choice. The turtles and Splinter, along with the turtle’s friends April O’Neal and Casey Jones, battle it out for the prize until they are interrupted by a distress call which leads them to a battle with their nemesis, Shredder. The story is definitely not Shakespeare, but story is seldom the high point of fighting games. The meager story proceeds through cut scenes in the black and white style of the TMNT comic books.

Mission mode involves completing specific tasks, such as protecting another character, defeating multiple enemies or defeating an opponent using only a specific move. Survival mode has the player battling through 100 enemies one at a time or in groups of up to three to see how long they can last. Like any fighting game, versus mode is the real heart of the game. The versus mode in Smash Up allows up to 4 players to pound on each other for bragging rights as the one with the best skills in the game. Combat takes place in a number of different environments such as the turtles’ sewer lair, the top of a moving train, an old west town, and even a cruise ship that crashes into an iceberg in the middle of the battle depositing the fighters on a whale. Most stages have elements that can be damaged or destroyed as simple as a table or door and as complex as the whole stage sinking beneath the water as in the aforementioned cruise ship. The mini games come in several flavors from avoiding falling in the water while platforms disappear to simply advancing as far as you can vertically or horizontally by running and jumping. As you complete certain numbers of matches or complete certain modes, bonus content is unlocked. Among the bonuses are extra characters, stages, costumes, and promotional art.

What Parents Should Know


Smash Up is played in the third person perspective. Characters pummel each other with swords, knives, sticks, claws, fists, bombs, lasers, hockey sticks, throws and various other methods. One “throw” has a character simulating a slash across the neck. There is no blood in any of the violence. A couple of stages have a hazard of an alligator snatching the player off the screen. Falling debris falls in some stages and can hit the characters. A cruise ship crashes into an iceberg and sinks in one stage. On this same stage, if a player lands in the water, they are snatched by a shark and taken off screen. A black and white comic book style cut scene shows a character being knocked to the ground. There is some minor violence in an advertisement for the Ninja Turtles movies which is unlocked in the bonus content.


No bad language

Sexual Content

April wears a form fitting yellow jumpsuit in combat. Her alternate outfit is a midriff revealing shirt. Black and white cut scenes also show her bare midriff. The bonus content includes covers from the TMNT comic books, some of which have women dressed in bikini type outfits and showing cleavage.

Spiritual Content

One character is shown meditating in the arcade mode ending.

Reviewer’s Thoughts

TMNT Smash Up is on par with your average Saturday morning cartoon as far as the violence is concerned. That being said, if you or your kids are already watching the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in any of their current incarnations, then you already know what to expect when it comes to the violence in this game. If members of your family are fans of TMNT, then this is a game you will probably enjoy playing together.

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