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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10

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Game Reviewed: Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10
Publisher: EA
Developer: EA Sports
Reviewer: Swartzn
Platform: Xbox 360 (also on PS3, PS2, PSP, Wii)
Category: Sports
ESRB Rating: E
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Game Description:

T-I-G-E-R! One of the most dominate sportsman of this generation is back and no golf course is safe. The additions and tweaks to Tiger 10 help it to continue its reign at the top of the golfing game genre. For instance this game can get live weather conditions from Which means if it is raining at St. Andrews golf course in the United Kingdom, than it is also raining in the video game. Also the game has moved to a precision putter that allows more complete control of the putter in both the back and forward swing. There are 10 different modes (Career, Co-op 2-4, Exhibition, Mini-Games, Multiplayer, Online Co-op, Practice, Season, Tournament, Training and Versus) of gameplay that will keep even the most indifferent gamer occupied well into the 18th green.

The courses are stunning and right on the mark in their design and realism. The much loved course Bethpage Black makes its return to the game and is a juggernaut to defeat. However the club tuning feature which allows the player to fit the clubs to their style of play really helps in overcoming the Tournament Challenges that are necessary for unlocking the Pro Shop items that make the player’s character better. The announcers bring both comedy and guidance as the player advances through the game.

What Parents Need to Know


There is no blood or gore in this game. The only thing that could possibly resemble violence is that if the player hits a horrible shot and that shot hits someone in the crowd, that person can fall to the ground knocked out by the errant hit. Also, sometimes the golfer will throw the club into the woods during a cut-scene if they get angry enough, but it never hits another person.


There are no profane language issues in this game.

Sexual Content

Some of the women golfers in the game have form fitting clothes but there is no cleavage shown or sexual content of any kind. If one thing can be said about this golf game is that it promotes the manners desired by the PGA Tour for a good clean golf outing.

Spiritual Content

There are no spirituality issues or endorsements in this game.


This is a fun game to be played by the entire family. It can promote quality family time and healthy competition among family members.

A Child’s Perspective

Dakota (age 11) said he liked the game and his dad also really liked the game. They had some good times playing together. Since both of them love to golf they found this game to be right up their alley (or should I say fairway.) They enjoyed matching each other stroke for stroke to see who could get closest to the pin/hole on the putting green. It also made for some good bragging rights as well since the competitive nature came out of both of them. All in all this is a family friendly game and I anticipate that the father/son competition will see the light of day many more times.

Reviewer's Thoughts

If you or someone you know has any kind of interest in golfing this would be the game for them. The live weather, precision putting and customizable features keep the game fresh. One of the marks of a truly good video game is its replay value. In six months the player will want to come back and play some more. I would have no problem recommending this game for purchase to people who love golf because there is so much fun to be had by all when playing Tiger Woods 10.

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