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Spectrobes: Origins

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Game Reviewed: Spectrobes: Origins
Publisher: Disney Interactive
Developer: Genki
Reviewer: Clint West
Platform: Wii
Category: Action RPG
ESRB Rating: E10+
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Game Description:

Spectrobes Origins is the third game in the Spectrobes series. The series originated (no pun intended) on the Nintendo DS and migrated to the Wii for this latest installment. The game has gotten a lot of comparison to the Pokemon series, in the sense that one of the highlights is exploring and discovering new creatures. These creatures are called Spectrobes and they come in forms as varied as penguins, cactuses, robots and totem poles. These Spectrobes assist the heroes in battle and in exploring the landscape. Gotta catch ‘em all!

The player takes on the role of either Rallen or Jeena, members of the Nanairo planetary control. Rallen is headstrong and brave. He is armed with a device called a Prizmoid. This device allows him to command and control the aforementioned Spectrobes. Jeena is his partner, more level headed than Rallen and a whiz with gadgets. Their home, Nanairo, is at war with a fearsome enemy known as the Krawl, led by the mysterious masked villain Krux. In the midst of this conflict, Rallen and Jeena are sent on a mission to explore a strange magnetic anomaly. Their mission is cut short, however, when they are sucked into a portal and whisked far from home.

As they try to get their bearings, a distress call is received from a planet called Wyterra. Wyterra is under attack by the Krawl! They quickly rush to the aid of the embattled planet and defeat the encroaching Krawl. They speak to the elder of a village on Wyterra, who sets them on a planet hopping journey to discover five crystal shards that could be the key to defeating the Krawl for good. In the course of the journey they will battle many powerful Krawl, meet many characters that will guide them on their quest and discover much about the origin of the Krawl and the nefarious Krux.

What Parents Should Know


Spectrobes is played from the third person perspective. Rallen and Jeena battle the Krawl with swords, axes, lances, gloves and blasters. The Spectrobes and Krawl battle with claws and hurl missiles, ice, fire, and other projectiles. Defeated Krawl simply go up in a puff of smoke and vanish, while some of the bigger ones may collapse to the ground first. Krawl sometimes are darkened if they are burned by fire. Rallen and Jeena grunt when hit and occasionally are knocked to the ground. No blood was noted.

In one cut-scene a character is blasted by an energy blast. In another cut-scene, a clumsy character is thrown high into the sky and falls back into the sand head first. He is unhurt.


No bad language

Sexual Content

No inappropriate sexual content

Spiritual Content

Touching the fossils of some Spectrobes prompt visions from the past. A tree on one planet is called the “Tree of Life,” and a reference is made to the life force running through it. Its main function was keeping water clean. The Krawl leader Krux revives a giant creature using “dark power,” but this power is shown to be chemical and not magical.


Spectrobes evolve, but not in the man from monkey theory of evolution style. They are given a crystal that immediately takes them from one form to another.

Reviewer’s Thoughts

Spectrobes Origins was a fun game. I liked the emphasis the game put on helping others, with our brave heroes putting their necks on the line to save a village, rescue a woman’s daughter who wandered into a Krawl infested area and defend a construction site from a giant creature among other things. These positive issues, coupled with very few of the occult and sexual content issues that plague many other RPG’s, makes me consider Spectrobes: Origins a good release for children. Also, it is has a co-op mode which makes it a great game for a parent to play with their kid.

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