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Game Reviewed: Spyborgs
Publisher: Capcom
Developer: Bionic Games
Reviewer: Cecil
Platform: Wii
ESRB Rating: T
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Game Description:

The Spyborg Iniative is under attack and it is up to a trio of cybernetically enhanced heroes to vindicate their friends who have been systematically hunted by rogue Spyborg agents, Jackal and Colt.

Team up using two of three heroes – Stinger, hard core leader with built-in firepower, Clandestine, a female ninja with super enhanced skills, and Bouncer, the robotic muscle of the Initiative. Fight your way through Reapers, snipers and six-legged robots waiting to crush the Spyborgs to pulp to obtain more and more points to buy armor upgrades such as special moves and health increases.

Use the Wii remote to find and reveal hidden items, such as audiotapes that tell the story of Jackal’s revolt or crates holding power-ups. In addition, players can switch between motion controls or standard Wii and Nunchuk combination to battle their way through five stages of varying terrain and difficulty.

What Parents Need to Know


Spyborgs is an out and out third-person fighting game. Each player assumes the role of one of the three heroes, which can be changed at the beginning of each sub-stage, to blast, slash and pound their way through the game.

Enemies consist of a variety of cybernetically enhanced street soldiers (Reapers) and other villainous attack robots, which are broken, shattered or blown to bits when defeated.

No blood or gore. However, there is a cinematic involving the discovery of a place where the remains of defeated Spyborgs have been dumped, showing the heads, faces, and other dismembered parts.


Mild explicative’s such as ass and damn can be occasionally heard throughout the game, most prominently in the cinematic prior to the final face-off between the Spyborgs and Jackal.

Sexual Content

Clandestine, the only female character in the game is dressed in a two-piece skintight uniform revealing her midriff. Her top barely covers her breasts, which can be seen heaving in some cinematics after intense fighting or running. Otherwise, the game contains no other sexual content.

Spiritual Content

No spiritual content, although the final stages do have a dark overtone due to Jackal’s deviation from a human appearance to a completely robotic form in the design of a huge metallic skull with legs.


Spyborgs offers several levels of difficulty making it easily playable for child and adult alike. Unlockable options include the “Infinite Arena” (an endless battle between Spyborgs and Jackal’s minions), a variety of cheats, videos, and difficulty settings.

I should also note that while Spyborgs is cooperative, it is limited to only two players with only two of the three heroes available for use during each sub-stage.

Reviewer's Thoughts

Spyborgs is definitely a heart-pounding, action-packed, fast-paced cooperative brawler-style fighting game with plenty of room for player improvement. Difficulty-wise, Spyborgs is easy to pickup and hard to put down with enough extras to give adequate replayabilty for most age groups, though parents might want to consider, based on the age of their children, the level of violence and the use of occasional vulgarities within the cut-scenes.

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