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The Secret of Monkey Island® Special Edition

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Game Reviewed: The Secret of Monkey Island® Special Edition
Publisher: Lucasarts
Developer: Lucasarts
Reviewer: Matthew Scott
Platform: Xbox 360 (also on PC, PS3 and iPhone)
Category: Adventure
ESRB Rating: E10+
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Game Description:

Back in the early 90’s The Secret of Monkey Island was one of the games that put point and click adventure games on the map. Now old fans as well as newcomers can experience this classic game on their Xbox360, PC or iPhone. The game tells the story of Guybrush Threepwood, a young man with a dream of becoming a pirate. His adventure will ultimately take him to Monkey Island where he has to rescue his love from the ghost pirate LeChuck.

This new version of the original keeps the original game play intact in that the player moves the cursor on the screen where he wants to go. The challenge is to find items and figure out what to do with said items to progress the story along. While the gameplay stays pretty much the same, there are still a lot of welcome additions to this special edition. First the graphics and sound have been updated including the use of voice actors. Second there is a hint system in case you are stuck on a puzzle. With the simple push of a button you will receive a hint as to what to do next. Last, the graphics have been updated to 1080i for those playing on an Xbox 360 that is connected to a high-def screen. In my opinion, however, the coolest thing about this game (and maybe I am just easily amused) is that with a simple push of a button you can switch between the old graphics and sound with the new and that right in the middle of a cut-scene or almost anywhere else in the game.

What Parents Need to Know


There is some sword play, but it is more a matter of wits than violence as the point of a fight is to try and out insult your opponent.


There is some mild language:
Jackass – 1
Butt – 1

The name of God is also used in the following references:
God forsaken – 1
God knows what reason - 1

Sexual Content

- There is one scene where the sword trainer compares sword fighting to making love, but it is more a reference to the emotion of it rather than the act itself.
- There is one scene where a character says “Is that a banana in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?”

Spiritual Content
(Reviewers Note: All spiritual content in this game is meant to be looked at from a comedic viewpoint.)

- There is a fortune teller in town.
- The main enemy of the game is a ghost pirate.
- There are cannibals (vegetarian cannibals) who worship a great monkey.
- There is a cave inside a giant monkey head where the ghost pirates live. One of the characters refers to the place as hell.
- There is a magic head that used to belong to a navigator that is used to guide your way through the cave where the ghost pirates live.

Reviewer's Thoughts

I have always enjoyed adventure games like Monkey Island and if you are a fan of adventure games you may want to check The Secret of Monkey Island out. As stated above, there is some content that some parents might find questionable, but it should be noted that Monkey Island is meant to be a comedy and everything in the game is done in a lighthearted manner. It should also be noted, however, that the game cannot be rented as it has to be downloaded, but the positive side is that the game is very inexpensive.

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