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Savage Moon

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Game Reviewed: Savage Moon
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Developer: FluffyLogic
Reviewer: Castor Pollux
Platform: PS3 (via the PlayStation Network)
Category: Strategy
ESRB Rating: T
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Game Description:

Savage Moon is a downloadable “tower defense strategy” game available to purchase from the PlayStation Network. You play a commander in charge of protecting an off-world mining facility that is constantly under attack by the planet’s “immune system;” different breeds of Insectocytes that come in waves and in different varieties. Some walk, some crawl, some fly and some burrow under the ground. Their goal is single-minded: destroy your mining facility. Your mission: stop them at all costs. If you have ever seen the movie “Starship Troopers,” that will give you an idea of what this game is about.

As the commander, you have a top down view of the planet’s landscape. You are given a certain amount of money and drop-ships. You can tell these drop-ships to drop many types of weapons and defense towers to help protect your mining facility. Each tower has pros and cons. For instance, the Machine Gun tower can be quick firing and powerful, but can only concentrate on one Insectocyte at a time. The mortar towers can take out multiple Insectocytes, but are slow to fire and reload. The types and placement of these weapon and defense towers is the key to successful victory. Place them in the wrong spot and the Insectocytes walk out of their range and right into your mining facility. Pick the wrong kind of tower and the Insectocytes walk through unscathed. You can also place blockades in the Insectocytes path, making them take the long way around or right into the line of fire.

What Parents Need to Know


The only blood you see is from the Insectocytes you destroy. This is a top down viewpoint game, so from far away, you can see a splat of blood, like you stepped on a bug, and then it disappears. You can also zoom in close (as well as see the landscape from the tower’s point of view), so the splat of blood looks more like an explosion of blood. There are no humans shown in this game. If an Insectocyte makes it to your mining facility, they just walk right in and you see some explosions.


There is no offensive language in this game.

Sexual Content

There is nothing offensive in this game in regard to sexual content.

Spiritual Content

There is nothing offensive in this game in regard to spiritual content..

Reviewer’s Thoughts

Personally, I loved this game. Ever since Tetris, I have been in love with puzzle games. Savage Moon was easy to learn, but so difficult to master. I would play the same level for hours trying to figure out the best placements for certain towers. Sometimes it was frustrating, but that frustration led to better problem solving skills and a more efficient way to defend my mining facility. Once I got past a frustrating level, there was such a huge sense of accomplishment. Then I would look at my watch and realize 4 hours have passed, and I still had not loaded the dishwasher, taken out the trash or started the laundry as I told my wife I would do.

This is a fun game, but it has its addictive qualities. If you do have teens, and you decide to let them download this game from the PlayStation Network, keep an eye on the clock, because once they start playing, they may not put the controller down for a few hours.

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