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Prince of Persia

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Game Reviewed: Prince of Persia
Publisher: Ubisoft
Developer: Ubisoft Montreal
Reviewer: Matthew Scott
Platform: Xbox 360 (Also on PS3 & PC)
Category: Action Adventure
ESRB Rating: T
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Game Description:

Prince of Persia is the second time the old Prince of Persia game has been rebooted. The first time was in the last generation of Xbox and PS2 in the form of Prince of Persia Sands of Time. Now with the Xbox 360 and PS3 the series has been rebooted again this time with a new prince and a new animated art style that makes the game look like you are playing in a very artistic painting more so than a video game.

The story is quite simple. You play as a nameless tomb raider who is in search of his donkey when he comes across Princess Elika who is on the run. Being the ladies man that you are you decide to help the princess and in doing so get sucked into a story that involves a king who has started the process of releasing a dark god by the name of Ariman and his daughter, the princess, who is trying to seal the dark god back up in the temple.

Most of the game is simple platforming trying to get to places called the “Fertile Grounds” while collecting items called “Light Seeds” and in the process destroying Ariman’s evil minions who are trying to spread a darkness called the “Corruption” across the land.

What Parents Need to Know


The prince will have to fight and defeat Ariman’s minions in order for the Princess to heal the Fertile Grounds. These minions look like dark evil spirits. The prince fights with his sword and gauntlet; he can also ask Elika to perform a magic attack against enemies. There is black ooze around these minions, which is part of the corruption which you are trying to stop, but there is no blood or gore in the game. Also, enemies will disappear after they have been defeated.


I only heard the word “a**” used twice. However, there were a couple of times when the prince fell off a ledge and he said “Oh craaaaaa…”

Sexual Content

Elika sports some mid-riff. Also, there is some light sexual innuendo in some of the dialog between the prince and the princess. In addition, one of Ariman’s minions is a woman called The Concubine.

Spiritual Content

There is much talk in the game about two gods. The god of darkness is Ariman, whom the prince and princess are trying to stop from escaping his captivity in the temple. The other god is called Ormazd, who is the god of light. Throughout the game the princess will often talk in reverence about Ormazd. It is stated in the game that the two gods are brothers who are meant to bring balance to the universe. In addition, every time that Princess Elika heals one of the Fertile Lands you can hear her chanting, although it was hard to make out what she was saying.

Reviewer's Thoughts

Prince of Persia plays really well and it is a lot of fun, most of the time. I thought the battles got a little to repetitive at times, especially since you have to defeat each of the main minions 6 times each. Still the game is fun and the animation is top notch. The game is pretty short so I would not recommend buying the game, but if the above criteria meets up with your family’s standards then I think most people who enjoy action platforming games would enjoy renting Prince of Persia for a weekend.

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