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The Miffets

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Game Reviewed: The Miffets
Publisher: Jenito
Developer: Jenito
Reviewer: Cecil
Platform: PC (XP or later)
ESRB Rating: NR (equivalent to E)
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Game Description:

In the land of The Miffets, an evil Miffet named Jimbean has stolen the 66 books of the Bible that The Miffets rely on to guide them in their relationship with God and each other and to teach them daily principles of living. As the Hero, the player must travel through the land, high and low, to find the 66 books that Jimbean has divided into 132 pieces, each one resembling a white cross. Only in finding all the crosses can the land of The Miffets be freed from the evil Jimbean and his minions.

The Miffets is a 2.5D platform game styled similarly to the original Super Mario Bros. with an artistic feel like that of Paper Mario.

Each level is comprised of a labyrinth that must be navigated by jumping or falling to different levels in order to find the missing crosses. Throughout each level, the Hero faces off against various types of “demons” represented by mine-like drones, pogos, and more. Armed with a “Truray,” the Hero can fight off these minions by shooting them or activating his/her “Faith Attack” that hits all visible enemies. Some demons can be immediately destroyed with the Faith Attack. This weapon, however, requires patience to wait for the Faith reservoir to fully charge before using it. The more either weapon is used, the more powerful they become.

What Parents Need to Know


Cartoon like violence. Small eruptions of stars shoot out from enemies when they are attacked or destroyed.


There is no bad language in this game.

Sexual Content

There is no sexual content in this game.

Spiritual Content

The Miffets is a decidedly Christian game. Passages from the Bible are displayed throughout the game both on signs and by interactions with other characters.

The overall theme of the game is to inform the player of Christian values and beliefs, such as Faith and Truth, as well as other principles found in the Bible.


The Miffets does require additional software to be installed prior to play. This is included on the disc and only takes a few minutes to complete the installation.

I did encounter a few small incovient bugs in the game such as the game unexpectedly closing out or temporarily freezing for a moment.

It is possible to become stuck in a level. On one particular level, “Ruth,” I became trapped between two columns that I was unable to jump over. However, as there is no time limit or danger of ‘dying,’ the only solution was to press the ESC key and exit the game to the main menu. This is the only solution to getting stuck.

A Child’s Perspective

Samuel, four years old, was able to grasp the basic idea and movements of the game. He found The Miffets funny and entertaining. When unable to play, he enjoyed watching the game as I played it.

Reviewer's Thoughts

Overall, The Miffets is a fun and simple game much like older style side-scrollers such as the original Super Mario Bros. The graphics are clean and reminiscent of a children’s storybook. The game is accompanied with gentle melodies that offer a relaxed feel for gameplay.

Kids between the ages of five and ten should be able to play this game without much difficulty and find much to enjoy. Kids over age 10, however, will most likely not find much interest compared to other games available on the market. If you are a parent in the market for a game that offers Christian values and instruction coupled with scripture, The Miffets certainly fits the bill.

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