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Monster Hunter Tri

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Game Reviewed: Monster Hunter Tri
Publisher: Capcom
Developer: Capcom Production Studio 1
Reviewer: Cecil
Platform: Wii
Category: Action RPG
ESRB Rating: T
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Game Description:

The quaint little coastal village of Moga suddenly finds itself all shook up (literally) from a feared ocean monster, the Lagiacrus, which moves into the neighborhood. As a hunter, prove your mettle and your prowess by catching, killing, and fending off a slew of monsters from oversized insects, to various dinosaur-like creatures, to feared dragons and sea-monsters. Increase your armory by forging new and exotic weapons or heavy hitting bowguns firing a varied and deadly arsenal of ammunition.

Choose to hone your skills in and around the “Village,” running forays into coastal waters, creepy caverns, or verdant hills. Test yourself on solo quests or in a team from any of the many gates of the “City,” an online world filled with all the familiar characters and monsters you know plus a whole slew of new and exotic people, places, and creatures.

Each quest from the Village helps to increase your abilities, equipment and stockpile of useful and/or special items. But some things can only be earned as you maneuver through the trials offered by the City. Playing both will develop your character all the more, making him or her into the greatest monster hunter in the land.

Knowing how to use your weapon, however, is not all you will need to know. Trading, farming, fishing, and more are all aspects necessary to improve. Some treasures can only be bartered. Some are created by combining rare items and some are found or bought outright. Many of these are crucial to forging or upgrading armor, weapons, and ability-specific gems to enhance your hunter’s all around performance and skill. Master them all to become a monster hunter of great renown.

What Parents Need to Know


Violence is depicted as red splashes as the player attacks monsters or is attacked by them.

There are cinematics in some parts of the game that show monsters (mostly dinosaur-like creatures) attacking each other.

The blood splash effect can be turned off from the main menu’s option screen.


There is not any bad language in the game.

Sexual Content

Some characters are dressed in revealing clothing, mostly in keeping with the theme of natives in a tropical or desert climate. The player’s character (male or female) can be customized. The base clothing is similar to a bikini (female) or spandex (for male).

Other Non-Player-Characters may have cropped tops revealing midriffs or tighter-fitting clothing.

Spiritual Content

As Monster Hunter Tri is based in a fantasy world, some elements are akin to alchemy. Jewels can be forged that offer the character increases in special skills or weapons, augmented to give them particular elemental effects (fire, water, etc). Potions (ie: demon drug) can be concocted by combining certain items or foods consumed to temporarily increase certain attributes.

The game cannot be effectively played without using any number of these items to keep the character alive and/or increase their rank.


Monster Hunter Tri does utilize an online aspect for complete gameplay called the “City”. This online mode offers the chance to play cooperatively with other players in small groups, in which case items can be shared and utilized by the entire band of hunters rather than just individually. Online mode also allows the player the opportunity to develop better monster hunting tactics to take on bigger, fiercer monsters.

There is also a third aspect of gameplay called “Arena Play.” Like the days of the Coliseum, the hunter faces off against one or more monsters in an enclosed arena using only the weapons and items offered them upon entering the arena. Winning can earn the player more money or special items.

Also, in the online lobby environment players can order a beer for their hunter while they wait for other players. If the player has his hunter drink too much, then the player will see his hunter lie down on one of the tavern benches.

Reviewer's Thoughts

The fundamental basis to Monster Hunter Tri is to develop your hunter-character into the best hunter they can be. As such, be prepared for a long haul. There are multiple game aspects that require attention (farming, fishing, questing, resource gathering, trading, forging, sub-character development, etc.) These must be balanced in order to obtain the necessary ingredients to take the character to the next level.

In regards to gameplay, if the player enjoys third-person, role-playing style games, MH3 will be a comfortable fit with more than enough to keep even the most dedicated player gaming for weeks. Literally (by the writing of this review I’ve logged over 45 hours).

The environment is clean and the “monsters” creatively designed with features borrowed from dinosaurs and mythical creatures as well as from true nature and the world we know. Monster Hunter Tri offers more than enough sport for both the hardcore RPG types or the occasional gamer whose looking to just beat up a few giant lizards.

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