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Marvel Super Hero Squad

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Game Reviewed: Marvel Super Hero Squad
Publisher: THQ
Developer: Blue Tongue
Reviewer: Cecil
Platform: Wii (Also on DS, PSP, PS2, PC)
ESRB Rating: E10+
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Game Description:

A crystal of legendary power, the Infinity Fractals, crashes to earth scattering its pieces across the planet. Now, in a race against the evil Dr. Doom and his Lethal Legion, the Marvel Super Hero Squad teams up to be the first to find the pieces and stop Dr. Doom from creating the devastating Infinity Sword.

Pick your hero and teammate from the ranks of some of Marvel Comics’ most notable heroes: Iron Man, Wolverine, Invisible Woman, the Falcon, and more. Brawling your way through city streets, desert bases, and other exotic locations, you and your teammate take on hordes of Doombots, AIM men and infamous archenemies in the form of Sabertooth, Abomination, and the Juggernaut among others, all to save the world from Dr. Doom’s wicked plan.

What Parents Need to Know


Marvel SHS is a team based brawling game with mild cartoon violence.


No bad language

Sexual Content

No sexual content

Spiritual Content

No spiritual content


While this definitely is a kid friendly game, the mechanics can be a little frustrating. Often as not, targets or characters can get lost off screen and depth is lacking throwing off perception of distances.

However, as SHS is designed for younger kids, the game follows the try-until-you-get-it mode of operation, “respawning” your character with partial or even full health after you have died. This also means that objectives operate in the same manner, keeping you in that part of the stage until you achieve your goals.

The Wii version incorporates motion as well as the required Nunchuk to play through the game making this more than a standard button-pushing fight game.

Reviewers Thoughts

Marvel Super Hero Squad is a great game for younger kids. While the ESRB rating is 10 and up, I would have no problem recommending it for kids as young as seven. The cinematics are a bit campy and stylized for the younger crowd and the difficulty settings should be challenging enough to be enjoyable without the child giving up or feeling cheated.

The team aspect is great for kids looking for a good side-by-side fighting game to play with a friend or parent and “battle mode” offers the chance for players to pit their favorite heroes against each other in any number of locations.

“Card collecting” is also a consideration for this game. The better the player does, the more “cards” they can collect from heroes and villains which open up arenas and alternate costumes, increasing the replay-ability of this game.

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