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Mercenaries 2

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Game Reviewed: Mercenaries 2
Publisher: EA
Developer: Pandemic
Reviewer: Matthew Scott
Platform: PS3 (Also on PS2, PC and Xbox 360)
Category: Action
ESRB Rating: T
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Game Description:

Mercenaries 2 World in Flames is the highly anticipated sequel to the hit game Mercenaries Playground of Destruction. There are three different mercenaries that the player can choose from, each having a slight advantage in their abilities. There is Mattias (the guy on the cover) who can regenerate health faster, Chris, who has the ability to carry more ammo and Jennifer who has the ability to run faster than the other two. None of these traits gives one merc a better advantage over the other, it is just more a matter of the players preference. Personally, I chose Mattias because I had heard that he had the funniest comments in the game.

No matter who you choose to play as, however, the story plays out the same (there is just some slightly different dialog depending on the merc you choose) and speaking of story, the story itself is pretty simple. At the beginning of the game you take on a contract from a man named Ramon Solano, a rising political figure in the county of Venezula. Your mission is a success which allows Solano to take control of the country. No big deal to you however, you are a mercenary, you just want to be paid. That is where the problem begins, first Solano does not pay you and then in attempt to kill you, his men shoot you in the a** (I am not trying to be crude here, but this terminology is important as you will see down in the language section.)

From here on out, to steal a term from the first game, the game becomes a giant playground of destruction. The environment is wide open allowing you to take contracts from factions to progress the story along or you can go around and just start blowing stuff up (you will want to be careful though, you have to pay collateral damage if you kill innocent civilians) The main objective of the game, however, is to complete enough contracts to get the info and supplies you need to take your revenge against Ramon Solano for shooting you in the a**.

In addition, there is also the ability to play two player co-op online so that you and friend can go through the storyline and blow things up together. This is a nice addition since some of the missions later in the game are a bit tougher to go through solo.

What Parents Need to Know


Throughout the game you accept contracts from different factions. Most of these contracts require going in and blowing something up or disposing of someone. Sometimes, however, you will get more money for capturing someone alive, but even in these circumstances there are other soldiers around that will need to be disposed of in order to progress.

Also, while it is possible to just go up to someone and kill them for no reason, this is discouraged because every time that you kill an innocent you have to pay money for the collateral damage. In addition if you just go up to a random soldier and kill them for no good reason, their faction will not like you as much and you need factions to like you in order to purchase supplies from them and to accept contracts from them.

There is no blood or gore in the game.


The only swear words I encountered while playing was hell, damn, bi**h and a**. The word “a**” is actually used quite a bit as people throughout the game will often refer to you as “the mercenary that Solano shot in the a**.”

Sexual Content

There is not any inappropriate sexual content in Mercenaries 2.

Spiritual Content

There is no spiritual content in this game.


As a mercenary, you are willing to work for whoever is willing to pay you. As far as you are concerned, this war is not your war, you just want revenge and you are willing to work for whoever is willing to pay you and help you get closer to taking out Solano. As a result, not every faction you work for has the most noble of intentions, but hey you do not care, you are mercenary and in it for the money (and the revenge.)

Reviewer's Thoughts

As a gamer I found Mercenaries 2 to be a lot of fun. There is no denying that it is fun to blow stuff up. It should also be noted that Mercenaries 2 is like taking part in an over the top action flick and the game is not as realistic as a game like Call of Duty 4. Still, it should be noted that this is a game that focuses on violence and the ethics of the mercenary can be a bit blurry at times. With that in mind, I would recommend Mercenaries 2 to older audiences only.

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