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Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom

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Game Reviewed: Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom
Publisher: Namco Bandai
Developer: Game Republic
Reviewer: Max Collins
Platform: Xbox 360 (Also on PS3)
Category: Action/Adventure
ESRB Rating: T
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Game Description:

While the current generation of gaming is preoccupied with first-person shooters and motion-based gaming, Game Republic has created a title reminiscent of the 3D adventure games that defined video games in the late 1990’s. Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom is set apart from other games in that it carries with it an exclusive creative touch not bound to a franchised series; it is refreshing to play a game without seeing all the familiar trademarked characters you are accustomed to finding in most major titles.

The story begins with the human thief Tepeu evading the armies of darkness that have overtaken his once beautiful homeland. On his way, Tepeu discovers the majin, named Teotl, who is an ancient, mythical creature capable of great magical powers. Together the two set out to free the kingdom from the forces of evil and restore peace and light to the world.

Besides its unique creative value, the game also boasts a degree of variety in its gameplay. The gameplay is a mixture of puzzle-solving, combat, exploration, and stealth action. The player primarily controls Tepeu, but is also able to perform some specific actions with Teotl. Some of the gameplay elements may quickly become dull and repetitive to more experienced gamers, but the cooperative twist of controlling two characters at once adds some interesting possibilities not found in other similar titles.

A visually stunning game with a surprisingly wholesome story makes Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom a great adventure for a wide range of gamers.

What Parents Need to Know


Throughout the game, the duo faces hordes of enemies with swords, spears, staffs, and magical attacks. When separated from his majin counter-part, Tepeu, the human thief, can stealthily assassinate enemies. One common assassination maneuver shows Tepeu impaling his unsuspecting foe. Teotl, the giant creature, is capable of crushing enemies with his massive limbs or by toppling structures down on top of them.

The only gore in the game comes from the shadowy darkness soldiers who “bleed” a black liquid when injured or defeated.


There is no objectionable language in this game.

Sexual Content

There is no sexual content in this game.

Spiritual Content

The word “majin” in the game’s title is actually a Japanese word which may refer to a demon, genie, or a number of other supernatural entities. Despite the meaning of the word, the majin character in this game is really nothing more than a kind-hearted, nature-loving creature.

The majin’s name, Teotl, is a reference to the term in Aztec religion used to define the whole immaterial or spiritual force of existence or god. This philosophy is not introduced in the game in any way, just information that I found by researching the term on my own.

Reviewer’s Thoughts

While the gameplay itself requires cooperation between the thief and monster characters, the story of the game highlights a much deeper connection between the two. Friendship and trust are major themes of the game which go beyond the fighting and action. Story cut-scenes illustrate this relationship beautifully as the connection between the two characters grows over the course of their journey. I believe that Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom really does offer an upright, clean, and edifying story about friendship. Apart from the violence, I would even recommend this game to younger gamers, but that must be left to your own discretion.

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