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Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games

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Game Reviewed: Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games
Publisher: Sega
Developer: Sega
Reviewer: Clint West
Platform: Wii
Category: Sports
ESRB Rating: E
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Game Description:

Mario and Sonics’ rivalry began many years ago when Sonic the Hedgehog tried to horn in on Mario's video gaming dominance. Fast forward to the present day and their rivalry still continues, albeit in a different way. They now appear in the same games! They first shared top billing in Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games, then shared the spotlight again in Super Smash Brothers Brawl. Now they go head to head once more in Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games. The game drops the player into the Vancouver winter Olympic Games with a large cast of characters from the Mario and Sonic universes. Using the motion features of the Wii, the player will attempt to lean, shake, and swing their way to Olympic Gold.

There are twenty seven events to choose from; ski jump, bobsleigh, curling, ski cross, and ice hockey among others. These events can be played individually or in festival mode. Individual mode allows you to pick a single event and play that event only. Festival mode plays out like the actual Olympics, with 2 virtual weeks of competition, each day usually hosting 2 or 3 events or practice sessions for events. At the end of some days, a rival appears and the player has to beat the rival in order to proceed to the next day. For example, the player might have to beat the speedy Bullet Bill from the Mario universe in bobsleigh to keep going. In addition to the regular events, dream events can be unlocked. Most of these are highly exaggerated forms of the regular events, such as Ski Jumping through a stage from Super Mario Galaxy. There are also some oddities, such as Dream Hang Gliding where you fly through the air trying to shoot things down for points. There is also a versus mode where players can compete in several mini games. Up to four people can compete, allowing your family and friends to join in on the action.

The game has a large amount of unlockable content. As events are completed the player receives star coins. Star coins can be used to buy songs from the game, stickers and patterns to decorate your boards and skis, books of Olympic trivia, costumes for your Mii, and numerous other things.

What Parents Need to Know


This game is played from the third person perspective. Characters can stumble and fall in some events. In dream figure skating, characters can be hit by flames, resulting in them being on fire for a brief moment. Dream Hang Gliding involves shooting turtle shells at objects and other players. Some dream events have robots with big hammers that can hit players. Dream Figure Skating in the Sonic themed world has characters jumping at an icy dragon creature and hitting it.


No bad language.

Sexual Content

No Sexual Content.

Spiritual Content

No Spiritual Content.


Wario, Mario's rival, tends to be gassy in a lot of his games. This one's no different. He has a turbo move where he expels gas from his rear.

Reviewer's Thoughts

Mario and Sonic once again keep it pretty clean. Most families would have no problems letting Mario and Sonic compete for winter gold in their homes in regard to game content. As for the fun factor, however, I personally did not enjoy this game very much. The motion controls are appropriate for this title, but I guess my old school gamer self would have liked to have had some more button mashing. There were a number of times I found the characters not doing what I was telling them to do. Also, after playing each of the events several times, I grew tired of them fairly quickly. I played this briefly with a friend, and they grew bored with it very quickly, preferring Wii Sports Resort for their fix of sports themed mini games.

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