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Mario Sports Mix

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Game Reviewed: Mario Sports Mix
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Square Enix
Platform: Wii
Category: Sports
ESRB Rating: E
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Game Description:

Mario Sports Mix is the latest of the Mushroom Kingdom’s forays into the wide world of sports. Mario and the gang team up to play each other in four sports: Basketball, Dodgeball, Hockey, and Volleyball. Each game can be played “2 on 2” or “3 on 3”. The sports share similar simple controls easy for anyone to pick up. There are options to use just a Wii remote or a remote and Nunchuk. The rules for each sport are generally the same as their real-life counterparts with some Mario-themed twists. Some stages add unique twists to the game, such as sprinklers that block you or giant pinballs to get in your way. Collecting coins can help you score extra points or gain more power for throws in dodgeball. Walking over a ? box will give you and your teammates coins or items to wield against your opponents. As you play each sport, you charge up a special move you or your teammates can use which differs in effect depending on what character you are playing. You can play as an assortment of Mario characters, any Mii on your system, or several unlockable characters from the Final Fantasy universe. There is a limited Party Mode with four mini-games, one linked to each sport. There is also a Sports Mix tournament mode you can unlock where each round you play is a different sport.

What Parents Need to Know


The game has typical sports violence such as checking your opponents in hockey or whacking someone with a dodgeball. Special moves usually result in hard-hitting cartoonish blows to opponents in some fashion.


There is not any bad language in this game.

Sexual Content

There is not any inappropriate sexual content in the game.

Spiritual Content

The Luigi’s Mansion stage features some ghosts reminiscent of Casper or something from a Disney movie.

Reviewer’s Thoughts

Mario Sports Mix was fun to play initially, but got repetitive quickly. The game is very easy to pick up and play for people of all ages. The Sports Mix tournament (which defaults to an Expert mode) is actually challenging for more experienced gamers, but defeating this mode once was enough. There is not a whole lot for a single player once they beat each sport on easy and hard, unlock characters and beat the Sports Mix. The game, however, is a lot of fun with multiple players making this a great game for families to play together. It also makes a good choice for younger or less-experienced gamers.

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