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Lost in Shadow

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Game Reviewed: Lost in Shadow
Publisher: Hudson Entertainment, Inc.
Developer: Hudson Software
Reviewer: Cecil
Platform: Wii
Category: Platformer
ESRB Rating: E10+
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Game Description:

In a distant land, a monster made of shadows threatens to devour everything in its path. To destroy it, a mere boy must sacrifice his own shadow which the player then controls to find the monster’s lair and be reunited with his body. As a shadow you will fight off other creatures of shadow, finding lost memories as well as weapons made by the inhabitants of the mysterious land whose shadows becomes your domain.

Yet, not all is as it seems. Towers of dark and light, gardens of shadows and that which casts them must be explored. Only by slipping from the shadows or changing the light can you hope to make it through, regaining the weight of your soul and the memories you had as a boy. But through it all, Spangle, a shadow “pixie” is there to aid you in your quest, unlocking secrets and moving aside obstacles to open a path before you become lost; another victim of the Shadow Monster.

What Parents Need to Know


In the opening cinematic, a masked person “cuts” the shadow of a boy suspended in mid air. He then carries the shadow to the edge of the roof of a great tower and throws it over.

Throughout the game, your shadow must fight various creatures (flying, crawling, shooting, spinning, etc) to progress through each level. When a creature is defeated, it dissolves into a cloud of murky darkness that turns into tiny specks of health and/or experience.

There are also large spinning blades (similar to fan blades) and saw blades, as well as spikes and darts that can hurt your shadow. If too much damage is taken, the screen clouds to black and you are prompted to restart or quit.

There is some animated blood in the game which is part of the reason the ESRB gave this game a rating of E10+.


There is not any bad language in this game.

Sexual Content

Spangle is a pixie-like shadow creature with the silhouette of a winged woman. As such her feminine form is visible in some cinematics and close-ups.

Spiritual Content

Lost In Shadow is based in a fictional realm where shadows can live independently from that which casts them. According to the “memories” gathered, shadows have weight – the more weight (or life) a shadow has, the more substantial it becomes.

Your shadow can also cross special thresholds or gates, thus becoming an “anti-shadow,” a silhouette of light that can exist for short periods in the real world.

A small winged woman, much like a pixie or fairy, also aids you when you use a “Spangle-shaped” cursor to manipulate objects.

Reviewer’s Thoughts

Lost In Shadow combines an intriguing puzzle game experience with a hybrid side-scroller/third person adventure game. The mechanics are simple enough for younger tweeners to adequately play while the strategy and logic will appeal to older players.

You should plan to spend at least twenty hours to complete the game with several more if your goal is to find all of the items hidden throughout the game. As such, the game offers the draw of a puzzle game with the challenge of discovery and clearing enemies from each level. Plus, the added ability to save up to four separate games, gives the player ample space for replay and to test out different tactics.

Creative and dynamic in its gameplay, Lost In Shadow offers plenty of entertainment while eagerly working the puzzle solving parts of the mind making this an excellent game for various ages if the above mentioned content fits with your families entertainment guidelines.

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