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Ivy the Kiwi?

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Game Reviewed: Ivy the Kiwi?
Publisher: Xseed Games
Developer: Prope
Reviewer: Max Collins
Platform: Wii (also on DS)
Category: Platformer
ESRB Rating: E
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Game Description:

Ivy the Kiwi? is a platformer game designed by the famed co-creator of the Sonic the Hedgehog series, Yuji Naka. Unlike Sonic the Hedgehog, Ivy the Kiwi? is not a game that will have players simply running from left to right to reach a goal. Instead, it is a brilliantly crafted platformer game that challenges players to create solutions to puzzles throughout every level. Players draw vines with the Wii remote to guide the constantly running kiwi to the end of each level while at the same time avoiding enemies and other hazards. The game is presented in a visually impressive classic story book style, but it may be dull to those who like lots of bright colors and top-notch graphics.

The story of Ivy the Kiwi? is sweet and simple: Ivy is a newborn kiwi bird who finds herself lost all alone in a forest. Since she is incapable of flight, Ivy begins running to find her mother and it is the job of the player to lead the baby kiwi through puzzling twists and turns to protect her from danger.

The game can be completed in a few hours if the player makes very few mistakes, but there is a lot more to do even after the single player story mode has been completed. The versus mode pits players against one another as they try to get their kiwi to the end of the level while also trying to hinder their opponent’s kiwi. The co-operative mode allows players to work together to get the kiwi to the end of each level as fast as possible. Up to four players can enjoy the multiplayer mode together on a single console.

What Parents Need to Know


There is not any serious violence in this game. The only enemies in the game are rats and crows. If Ivy touches one, she loses a red feather, which is the game’s equivalent of an extra life. The other things in the game that can harm Ivy are spikes and water drops. The spikes may look menacing, but nothing violent happens when Ivy touches them.


There is not any bad language in this game.

Sexual Content

There is not any sexual content in this game.

Spiritual Content

In some of the level backgrounds there appear to be buildings with crosses affixed to the top, much like those found on Christian churches. Whether the buildings are actually churches is not addressed, nor do these buildings serve any purpose to the story other than being a backdrop to the level.

There is a large, mythical, fiery bird at the end of the game that looks like a phoenix.

Reviewer’s Thoughts

I really believe Ivy the Kiwi? has to be seen to understand how interesting yet simple the gameplay is. This game has almost nothing for parents to worry about, but the game could be challenging for some very young children. If you are looking for a great game with low levels of objectionable content, Ivy the Kiwi? is an excellent choice for anyone who enjoys puzzles or platformer games.

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