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Dragon's Lair Trilogy

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Game Reviewed: Dragon's Lair Trilogy
Publisher: Destineer
Developer: Digital Leisure
Reviewer: Matthew Scott
Platform: Wii
Category: Action
ESRB Rating: T
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Game Description:

In 1983 I was 8 years old and some of the coolest video games of the time were games like Ms. Pac-Man and Donkey Kong. While these games were (and still are) certainly cool, there was a game that came on to the scene that blew my 8-year old mind out of the water. That game was Dragon’s Lair and the reason Dragon’s Lair was so impressive at the time is because it looked exactly like a cartoon. Now that might not seem impressive by today’s standards, but for 1983 something like this had never been seen before.

The game was created by Don Bluth, the man behind popular animated movies such as An American Tail and Anastasia. In this game, the player played as Dirk the Daring, a knight on a quest to rescue the beautiful Princess Daphne from the evil dragon Singe. The game was extremely popular and in 1984 was followed up by another animated game called Space Ace, this time the action taking place in a science fiction universe. Players played as Ace, out to rescue the beautiful Kimberly from the evil Commander Borf as well as stopping Borf from using the Infanto Ray to turn all of Earth’s population into infants. Then in 1991 a third animated game was released, this time a direct sequel to Dragon’s Lair called Dragon’s Lair II: Time Warped. This time Dirk must rescue his wife Daphne from an evil wizard that intends to turn Daphne into a monster. Dirk must follow him through time traveling to different locations such as the Garden of Eden, Beethoven’s Study and ancient Egypt.

All three of these classics are now available on one disc for the Nintendo Wii. The games themselves play much like what is called a quick-time event in modern games. The player will watch the action on the screen and a light or action button will appear on the screen (depending on whether you choose modern settings or original settings) and the player must hit the correct button to make the scene progress. Hit the wrong button and the character dies. Also, as an added bonus, for those who would prefer to just watch the animation, there is a “watch” option which allows you to just watch the game play from start to finish.

What Parents Need to Know


The animation in these games is like watching the animation in an old Saturday Morning cartoon from the 80’s. Some of the enemies are cut in half, but there is not any gore and very little blood.

In the Dragon’s Lair games, if Dirk dies, you see Dirk as a skeleton with other skeletons of Dirk in the background.


There is not any bad language in this game.

Sexual Content

In the two Dragon’s Lair games, Princess Daphne is wearing an outfit that is very revealing. It looks like a cross between a bathing suit and lingerie showing a lot of skin and cleavage. Some of her movements are also a little sensual.

In Dragon’s Lair II, Daphne’s mother is wearing an outfit that shows off a lot of cleavage. There is also a scene in the Garden of Eden that involves what appear to be naked cherubs prancing around; you can see their bare bottoms (you can also see their front side, but a certain body part was left out.) Also, in the Garden of Eden scene there is an obese Eve who is wearing nothing but a bikini made out of vines. This scene is meant to be more comical rather than sensual.

In Space Ace, Kimberly wears a very short skirt and on occasion you can get a quick glimpse of her undergarment.

Spiritual Content

In the Dragon’s Lair games, there are magical creatures including a wizard, a creature that looks a bit like the Grim Reaper, skeletons, a dragon and other monsters.

There is also a scene in Dragon’s Lair II that takes place in the Garden of Eden in which a serpent tries to get an obese Eve to eat an apple. When she does, part of the level takes place in the ruin of Eden.

Reviewer’s Thoughts

If you have fond memories of playing these games as a kid, you may enjoy taking a trip down memory lane with this collection provided the above mentioned content meets your family’s standards. As for this generation, however, my kids found this collection to be both interesting and amusing, but quickly lost interest in it after a couple of days.

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