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Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers

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Game Reviewed: Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers
Publisher: Square Enix
Developer: Game Designers Studio
Reviewer: Clint West
Platform: Wii
Category: Action/RPG
ESRB Rating: T
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Game Description:

The game starts with a simple escort mission. Layle, our hero, and Keiss are on an escort mission for the airship Alexis. It appears it will be a simple, boring mission, when suddenly dragons attack the airship. Layle quickly grabs a giant gun and leaps off of his escort craft, blasting dragons, until he lands on the Alexis. There he meets up with Jegran, the military commander of the Lilty kingdom, the main ruling party of the world, and Belle, a member of the Selkie race. Belle is a photographer who has apparently just taken some photos she should not have taken.

After some banter, a portal opens on the deck of the Alexis and a hand pokes out. Layle uses his powers, the ability to pick up and move objects, to pull the hand and what is behind it out of the portal. A Yuke, a race long thought to be extinct, drops to the deck of the Alexis. Layle and the Yuke battle, neither getting the upper hand and the Yuke escapes on the back of a dragon.

What follows is a story that exposes the longstanding prejudices and hate between the four main races of the world. It is a tale of corruption within the ruling kingdom and of those who are willing to fight for the rights of others no matter the consequences.

What Parents Should Know


This game is played from a third person point of view; there is lots of punching, kicking, and swordplay combat.

Layle's main form of attacking enemies is levitating objects and throwing them. He can also levitate enemies and thrown them at other enemies. Some enemies explode in a fireball when defeated.

Other forms of violence in the game include: A floating platform that is destroyed by a dragon. An airship crashes, other airships collide, and one is destroyed by a laser blast. A dragon is speared. An enemy shoots fire, burns trees and parts of a building. A man is disintegrated. A monster is conjured and dropped on a man. A non-human character’s head is knocked off and then reattached without the character dying. Several people are turned to crystal and shattered in that form. A couple of scenes have a person being punched, but the punch going through them without being hurt because a portal opened in their body.

All combat is bloodless.


I encountered the word hell once and damn a small handful of times during the game's story scenes. The main character Layle will also often say damn when in combat.

Sexual Content

Belle wears a short skirt for most of the game. A scene occurs in a women’s changing room, but nothing is seen besides clothes dropping to the floor. There is a sequence at a beach themed area that shows a number of women in bikinis with lots of cleavage. These women have a contest to knock each other off of a floating platform by bumping their butts.

Spiritual Content

Crystal bearers are said by some to use magic. Resurrection of crystals is a theme. A creation story is shared of the races of the world being created in the image of crystals. There is an area that is patterned after a monastery. A letter received from a monastery speaks of all people being born in sin.

Reviewer’s Thoughts

Final Fantasy Crystal Bearers definitely has some good food for thought in it. The game deals a lot with the issue of racism. Also of positive note is that there are multiple characters that appear at first glance to be very self-centered, but in the end are willing to sacrifice things or even themselves for others.

Crystals, however, play a prominent theme in the game as mentioned in the spiritual content section. Also, the scene at the beach with the bikini clad women having the butt bumping contest seemed a bit strange to me for a game of this nature as it was a bit out of place in the flow of the game.

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