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Game Reviewed: Ghostbusters
Publisher: Atari
Developer: Terminal Reality
Reviewer: Matthew Scott
Platform: Xbox 360 (also on PS3)
Category: Third Person Action
ESRB Rating: T
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Game Description:

Ghostbusters the game takes place in 1991 two years after the second Ghostbusters movie. In the game the player plays as the nameless new recruit in which you will play through several levels of hunting ghosts with the original four Ghostbusters. Also, since you are the new guy, you get to be the guinea pig when it comes to testing out the new equipment.

The story for the game was written by Dan Akroyd and Harold Ramis (the guys who wrote the first two movies) so the game feels much like a true sequel to the Ghostbusters franchise. As for the story, it opens with some supernatural activity going on at the museum where there is a Gozer exhibit (Gozer was the main evil god from the first movie). Then through a series of events the Ghostbusters find themselves having to hunt down some of the ghosts from the first movie such as Slimer, the Librarian ghost and the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man as well as the ghost of one evil occultist who wants to take over the world. So strap on those Proton Packs and get ready to bust some ghosts.

What Parents Need to Know


As a Ghostbuster you will use your proton pack to shoot ghosts and trap them. There is not any actual blood or gore in the game, but there is one level in which the Ghostbusters have to fight a ghost called the Spider Witch. There is reference in the game that the Spider Witch would hang her victims’ corpses from the ceiling and drain their bodies of blood. You never actually see this in the game, but in the level where you have to fight the Spider Witch, there are bodies hanging from the ceiling that are completely covered in spider-webs.


There was some minor language in the game. I heard the following words used at least once damn, pissed, slut and hell.

Sexual Content

When the Spider Witch is in her human form she wears a dress that reveals some cleavage.

Spiritual Content

There are references to the occult in the game such as with Gozer and the cult members who worship him.

There are also some levels in which creepy things occur such as tables levitating or the whispering of ghosts in the halls, including one level in the children’s section of a library where you hear the ghostly sounds of children.

Last, worth mentioning, there is one level where the Ghostbusters have to fight some ghosts that have the ability to possess people; there is even a scene where one of the Ghostbusters gets possessed. The only way to free people of these possessions is to shoot them with slime which causes the ghosts to leave their body.

Reviewer's Thoughts

Ghostbusters the game really felt like the third movie that fans have been waiting for. Although there is a lot of reference to the occult, like the movies this is approached from a comedic point of view. I would not recommend this game for young children, however, as some parts might be a little creepy for younger audiences. The game is fun, however, and if the spiritual content does not offend you, Ghostbusters makes a good weekend rental for older kids and adults.

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