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Excitebots Trick Racing

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Game Reviewed: Excitebots Trick Racing
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Monster Games, Inc.
Reviewer: Cecil
Platform: Wii
ESRB Rating: E
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Game Description:

Choose your beast and flip, jump, and soar to the finish line with this high energy, fast paced racing game. Like Mario Kart, Excitebots Trick Racing is not just about coming in first place, but rather how you get there.

Like other games in the lineup (Excite Trucks and Excite Bikes), Excitebots is about upgrading as much as it is about winning races. With six different “Cups” to win between two difficulty levels and more than a dozen additional bots to unlock and several different modes — including two-player side-by-side, poker, and Nintendo’s WiFi Friend and World connect — the potential for extreme fun is certainly present.

Along with “unlockable” bots and tracks there are a host of other upgrades the player can obtain from paintjobs and special designs to bot statues and icons.

What Parents Need to Know


Violence is virtually nonexistent. Players can smash into each other and into solid objects on the track causing the player’s bot to break apart. However, the more elaborate the crash, the more likely to see a message following like “Nice Crash.” There are a few special tricks players can perform like outrunning a giant “Hamburger Helper” like hand, snapping dinosaur heads and throwing pies at a giant clown face.

All in all, violence is limited to only racing antics and catastrophes.


No bad language.

Sexual Content

No sexual content.

Spiritual Content

No spiritual content.


This game is compatible with the Nintendo WiFi Connect, which does allow players to compete against each other from around the world. There is an option to bet points for each race. The betting levels are limited to how far a player has individually progressed in the game from 0 to 5,000 for each Cup they have completed.

Also, the Poker mode is a race mode for collecting cards to make poker hands to beat other players. The player with the best hand, like a four-of-a-kind, wins.

One thing to note is that side-by-side mode is not activated until the single player “School Cup” is completed. Once this Cup has been raced, all the other modes become active and can be chosen from the main race menu.

Reviewer's Thoughts

Warning: Be prepared for a workout! Believe it or not, this game is very easy to “get into” and once you do, you might find your fingers, hands and arms sore the next morning!

Excitebots is certainly a worthwhile and enjoyable game for both kids and parents alike, with plenty of variables and challenges for endless hours of excitement and jammed packed action. Not to mention each of the races take place at notable places around the world from China where you can ride the Great Wall to the castles of Scotland and the snowy hillsides of Finland. Some locations are revisited (by way of different tracks) more than once, but each area lends its own flare to the racing theme.

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