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Dead Space 2

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Game Reviewed: Dead Space 2
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Developer: Visceral Games
Reviewer: Luis
Platform: Xbox 360 (also on PS3 & PC)
Category: 3rd Person Action Adventure /Survival Horror
ESRB Rating: M
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Game Description:

Dead Space 2, much like in the vein of Resident Evil and Silent Hill, is a survival horror game. The hero of the story is an engineer, Isaac Clark, who finds himself in the wrong place at the wrong time. In the Dead Space universe, resources on earth have run out creating a need to travel to other planets to find more. Human kind has built massive space ships that travel to other planets, crack them in half, and then harvest the resources. The most famous of these ships is the Ishumura (where the first Dead Space game takes place.) In the first game, the crew aboard the Ishumura finds something that causes hysteria. Here, in the second game, this something is remade, and playing as Isaac you need to find it and destroy it. The catch, however, is that now there is also a race of alien type creatures called Necromorphs whose only purpose it seems is to kill and then use the dead bodies to reproduce.

In addition to this, Isaac’s mind is slowly slipping. With hallucinations and flashbacks it is hard to tell what is real and what is his mind playing tricks on him. I often found myself shooting at nothing. You see, after Isaac was found in the end of the first game, the Church of Unitology experimented on Isaac and altered his mind to find out what he knew. Since the game makes it obvious that this church is insane, Isaac is out to stop them from achieving their goal while killing as many Necromorphs as he can along the way.

The gameplay in Dead Space 2 is truly unique. You cannot just shoot the aliens in the head or chest and move on like in other shooters. You HAVE to sever their limbs. And you do not get a gun, you get a plasma cutter. So, you have to cut your way through the story. With aliens flying, jumping out, and attacking you, this game leaves you on the edge of your seat the entire time.

What Parents Need to Know


Being a survival horror game, there is A LOT of violence. Severed limbs, lots of blood, and killing throughout the game. There is blood smeared on the wall, and crazy cult like signs. You get to use severed limbs as ammo and hurl them at your enemies. Specifically, in one of many cut scenes when you die, and you WILL die, Isaac is shown getting torn in half with amazing detail and no lack of blood.


There is a lot of bad language in Dead Space 2. The most commonly used words are f**k and s**t.

Sexual Content

Some of the Necromorphs are female, and sometimes I saw what appeared to be a breast. Necromorphs, however, are mutated creatures which for most people will take away any sex appeal.

Spiritual Content

This is a pivotal part of the game. There is a religion in the game called Unitology. They believe that this relic will cause all of us to be joined into one being and transcend to a higher plane of existence. Throughout the game there are people talking about the moment of truth coming upon us, and how the end is nigh. Symbols of this religion can be found on walls. There are also cut scenes and data pads of info eluding to this day of enlightenment and the strange ways of this fake religion. One part of the game takes place in the Church of Unitology, where there is a PA system talking about their beliefs.

Reviewer’s Thoughts

Speaking as an adult gamer, I really enjoyed this game. I would go as far as to say I do not think a better shooter has ever been made. The game, however, is definitely rated M for a good reason and parents should keep in mind the above mentioned content when deciding if Dead Space 2 is an appropriate game for their family or not.

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