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Chaotic: Shadow Warriors

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Game Reviewed: Chaotic: Shadow Warriors
Publisher: Activision
Developer: Sand Grains Studios
Reviewer: Cecil
Platform: Wii (Also on Xbox 360, PS3 & DS)
ESRB Rating: E10+
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Game Description:

After transporting to the Chaotic world of Perim with a prototype scanner, Tom learns someone has stolen Battlegear from an Overworld armory. Earnest to help, Tom makes his way to the leader of the Overworlders, Maxxor, only to be attacked on his way by “shadows” of Mipedians.

Scan for hidden items, solve puzzles to open gates and fight off oversized insects with your Pyroblaster as you piece together clues surrounding the Battlegear theft and the appearance of the Shadow Warriors

With each battle, increase your army of Chaotic creatures, refining them as you go to make stronger, better Muges, warriors, and elementals. Choose your favorite faction – Danian, Overworld, Mipedian, or Underworld – then set your creatures to battle with any of a number of Battlegear, from the infamous Viledriver to the Aquashield or even more rare finds like the Doomhammer. Fight alongside heroes like Maxxor and Attacat or villains like Van Bloot and Takinom. All to save Perim from inestimable danger.

What Parents Need to Know


Creatures can be attacked and defeated through a variety of methods. When creatures lose all their health, they fall down and are considered “dead.” Tom is able to shoot and stun oversized insects with his Pyroblaster or be bitten by the bugs turning the screen red for a brief moment.

Despite the battle aspects and the bugs, Tom cannot be hurt. Falling off a cliff or into a pool of lava simply “ports” him back to safety.


No language, although while in battle creatures can “insult each other.” E.G.: “After I’m done with you, I’ll probably be bored.”

Sexual Content

Some of the female characters are dressed in revealing clothes, although some are more animal than human in appearance.

Spiritual Content

One of the major components of the game is Mugic, a musical form of magic that can benefit or harm others. Finding a lost and special form of Mugic is the main plot of the game.

Reviewers Thoughts

While C:SW is true to the card game turned animated series, complete with all the favorite Chaotic creatures, the human characters like Kaz and Payton are missing.

Also, plan for good chunks of playtime as the only place to save your progress is at checkpoints, which can be far apart. One stretch took me over an hour from checkpoint to checkpoint due to the number of battles and the subsequent card configurations.

Put it all together and it is a decent game. If you or your child is a major Chaotic fan, it will probably be a welcome addition to the game collection. Otherwise, the overall scope of the game is mediocre. The plot is simplistic with cinematics few and far between, which translates to lots of running around and more than enough battles adding nothing to the storyline.

Younger players will probably enjoy a once-through with C:SW, but do not expect this title to hold their attention much longer. Those that are Chaotic fans will find more enjoyment through the Battle mode where they can pit their cards and strategies against one another rather than the single player Story mode.

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