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Crysis - Warhead

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Game Reviewed: Crysis - Warhead
Publisher: EA
Developer: Crytek
Reviewer: Matthew Scott
Platform: PC
Category: First Person Shooter
ESRB Rating: M
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Game Description:

In November of 2007 a game for the PC was released called Crysis which went on to win game of the year by PC Gamer. Crysis: Warhead is a sort of expansion to that game in that it takes place during the same events of the first game except that you are playing as a different character and looking at the events of the first game from that character’s perspective. Personally, Warhead was my first introduction to the Crysis universe so the events in the game were brand new to me. (It should also be noted that you do not need the original version of Crysis to play Warhead.)

In Warhead you play as Sgt. Michael Sykes aka Psycho who is part of a United States Delta Force squad of soldiers who have been sent to an island to rescue a team of archeologists who have been taken captive by the North Korean Army. As events progress, however, you will soon learn that the North Koreans are the least of your worries as some of type of extraterrestrial force is unleashed upon the island.

A couple other things that make Crysis standout is first the graphics. On a high-powered machine Warhead looks amazing. My computer ran the game on the next to the lowest setting and it still looked impressive. The other thing that makes Crysis standout is the Nanosuit. With the Nanosuit you have the ability to increase your speed, your strength or your armor to do some pretty incredible stuff like jump super high or improve your aim. You can also use your Nanosuit to cloak yourself. With that said, Crysis: Warhead is one impressive game and if your kid is into PC gaming do not be surprised if this is a game that they ask for.

What Parents Need to Know


Crysis: Warhead is a war game and a first person shooter. There is some blood that splatters on the screen when you are shot. There is also a small puddle of blood that surrounds human enemies when they die. There is, however, an option to turn off the blood.

The aliens that you fight in Warhead look like giant robotic squids and so there is not any blood when they are shot.

There is also no gore in Crysis: Warhead.


Crysis: Warhead plays out like an R-rated action film and with that there is a lot of swearing including the F-word used throughout the game.

Sexual Content

There is no inappropriate sexual content.

Spiritual Content

There is no spiritual content in Crysis: Warhead.

Reviewer's Thoughts

As a gamer I found Crysis: Warhead to be an amazing game. It is a lot of fun and the story, music and emotion draw you in like you are part of an action movie. As a parent, however, because of the violence and the language I would only recommend Crysis: Warhead to adult players.

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