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Cars Race O Rama

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Game Reviewed: Cars Race O Rama
Publisher: THQ
Developer: Incinerator Games
Reviewer: Cecil
Platform: Wii (also on PS2 PS3, PSP, DS & Xbox 360)
ESRB Rating: E
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Game Description:

Lightning McQueen’s new racing academy is in the sights of Chick Hicks and he is going to do whatever it takes to win. Gathering together a group of sneaky, souped-up cars, Hicks plans to knock McQueen and the folks of Radiator Springs out of the running.

Drive as McQueen and the team of Radiator Springs to beat out other racecars to keep the academy in the spotlight and Chick from stealing all the students. Race against the likes of “El Machismo,” made bigger-than-life by the voice of Macho-man Randy Savage, and the strong, silent type of Stinger. Throw in the clones of Autovia, rival academy students, and the fun and loveable citizens of Radiator Springs and you have a racing circuit like none other.

Join Flo, Doc, Mater and the rest of the gang, as McQueen takes on the infamous Chick Hicks in a new and exciting racing series complete with special events from “Photo Ops” to “Car Toons” gaining extras and unlocking more Car’s characters. Race as Mater in “Bucket Bash” or compete against other mini-cars in “Guido’s Cart Race” to win extras for the Cars crew. Finish in the top three in Gold events to take on the next big rival and unlock new body kit parts, wheels, and paint jobs for McQueen to put the “Kachow” back into real racing.

What Parents Need to Know


Cars do crash and bump into each other, often resulting in responses such as “Ow! That hurt!” No damage is seen and cars are not otherwise harmed.


No Bad Language

Sexual Content

No Sexual content.

Spiritual Content

No Spiritual Content


Play the story mode first. While there is the option to play “arcade mode,” where players can race against each other, options are limited until you play through the story mode. Story mode also teaches the player a lot about maneuvering as well as earning extras like special characters (e.g.: Monster Truck McQueen) and paint jobs to personalize your particular Cars character.

In terms of game mechanics, there are parts that can be frustrating to the player. While the environment seems unrestricted and open, there are places where the cars can get stuck or relocated. Going “off-track” in a race will cause the game to relocate your character, often placing you at the back of the pack. However, in beginner mode, this is made up by stalling or slowing the lead cars (even in arcade mode) to let the player catch up.

The Wii version also offers three control options – WiiWheel, WiiMote, and Nunchuk. Each lends its own feel and strengths or weaknesses to the game, so be sure to try out each style to determine which is best.

Reviewers Thoughts

Race-O-Rama picks up where the Cars movie left off with a whole new story line, new characters, and new places to visit. Some of the original voice cast from the movie added their talent to bring the quality and feel of the film into the video game market. And where the original can’t be found, new or close representations keep the standard high. However, not all the characters are included. At the very least, Sally, was not included along with a couple others like Red, Lizzie and “The King.”

THQ and Incinerator Games did do an awesome job of incorporating a multifaceted mix of events and styles from monster trucks to Cars-ified versions of other iconic Pixar characters like Mike from Monsters Inc., not to mention humorous cinematics.

Overall, this game is money well spent and certainly would make a great gift to any Cars fan, young or old. And the wide variety of events and customization allows for Race-O-Rama to have great replay appeal.

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