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Castlevania The Adventure ReBirth

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Game Reviewed: Castlevania The Adventure ReBirth
Publisher: Konami
Developer: M2
Reviewer: Clint West
Platform: Wii
Category: Action
ESRB Rating: T
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Game Description:

The evil Count Dracula has returned once again to terrorize Transylvania. Christopher, a member of the vampire slaying Belmont family, picks up the famous whip that has slain many a beast and vampire in the past (and since) and begins his journey to defeat the evil Count.

The quest to defeat Dracula takes Christopher through six side-scrolling stages rife with beasts and denizens of darkness to slay. Each stage brings many enemies and obstacles to traverse, all broken up by a boss at the halfway point of the stage and another at the end of the stage. Christopher’s main attack is using his whip to strike enemies. In addition, he can hit candles along the way to find keys that open up secret areas where he can gain access to special weapons and the hearts that fuel those weapons.

With whip in hand and danger ahead, can Christopher defeat the evil Count Dracula and bring peace to Transylvania?

What Parents Should Know


Castlevania Rebirth is a 2D side scrolling game where the player attacks with his whip, knives, axes, holy water that bursts into flames, and a cross that is thrown like a boomerang.

The player can be hit by bones, spikes, and various other blunt and pointy objects, along with fireballs and other projectiles

The player disintegrates into a bloody spray when defeated.

Enemies generally burst into flames when defeated; a few spray greenish “blood.”


No bad language.

Sexual Content

One of the bosses is a succubus and appears to be unclothed except for a cape; nothing is detailed or distinct.

Spiritual Content

Dracula is referred to as a “demon king” with “demonic” power.

Numerous enemies are undead, including skeletons, ghosts and floating skulls.

One enemy is the Grim Reaper, aka Death.

A cross can be used as a special weapon; it is thrown and returns like a boomerang.

Another cross item destroys all the enemies on the screen.

Reviewer’s Thoughts

Castlevania the Adventure Rebirth gives a modern day nostalgic feel for gamers who remember playing Castlevania back in the days of the original Nintendo and PS1. There are a few issues, however, that parents may want to take into consideration, namely the main character’s bloody demise when killed by an enemy as well as the above mentioned spiritual content. If you or your child has played past Castlevania games then you probably have a good idea of what to expect with Rebirth. For those not familiar with Castlevania games, please keep in mind the T rating and the above mentioned content when deciding if this title is right for your child or not.

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