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A Boy and His Blob

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Game Reviewed: A Boy and His Blob
Publisher: Majesco
Developer: Wayforward
Reviewer: Clint West
Platform: Wii
Category: Platform
ESRB Rating: E
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Game Description:

Anevil king on the planet Blobonia is seeking to get his cruel hands on an amazing power.  A power, we are told, only humans have.  To get this power he enslaves the Blobs of Blobonia and forces them to help him seek this power.  One Blob from Blobonia escapes to earth, crashing in a forest and meeting a young boy. Together, they are the only force that can defeat the evil king, prevent him from getting the power he seeks and save the denizens of Blobonia.


A Boy and His Blob sets the player in a beautifully hand drawn, cell shaded cartoon environment.  The game is part platformer, part puzzle game.  Many of the areas in the game cannot be passed with just the boy's running and jumping skills.  Each stage is littered with areas that require more brains than brawn to bypass; platforms are too high to reach,  chasms in the ground are too long to jump, a wall seems completely impassable, an enemy blob lingers below that cannot be bypassed,  these are just some of the easy obstacles the player will face. Fear not, however, for the boy has a secret weapon better than Mario's jump, Sonic's super speed or any conventional weapon invented.  That's right, Jellybeans. 


Blob has the ability to change into different forms when he is fed jellybeans.  Blob can become a ladder to reach that high platform, a trampoline to jump that chasm, a cannon to shoot through the wall, or even an anvil to drop on an enemy below. Once the obstacle is passed, the boy can call Blob and he will come bouncing back to the boy's side ready to face the next challenge.

The game has 40 regular stages and 40 more stages unlocked by discovering treasure chests hidden in the first 40 stages. Bonus content such as concept art, a very unique sound test, and the ability to play the game in the dark are unlocked by completing the second set of 40 stages. 


What Parents Should Know




Anvils and rocks can be pushed onto blobs, causing them to splatter.  A blob is hurt by biting an electrified platform.  Blobs can be demolished by blobs shaped like mines.  A jellybean eating bird can also be tricked into flying into mines resulting in the bird exploding.  Blob can eat a jellybean that makes him look like a boy which the player can use to jump into mines.  A frog blob can swallow Blob when he is a ball.  When Blob is called, the enemy busts.  Blob can turn into a cannon and shoot the boy and ball shaped enemies that are sucked into it as projectiles.  The opening animated cinema shows Blob falling on an evil blob's head as an anvil and also busting out of another blob as a ball.  The level bosses thrash around a lot when defeated.  If the boy is hit by an enemy, he simply falls to the ground.




No Bad Language


Sexual Content


No Sexual Content


Spiritual Content


No Spiritual Content


Reviewer's Thoughts


I loved this game. It reminded me of some of the other brain teasing side scrollers I played on the Genesis and PS1 like Flashback, Oddworld, and Heart of Darkness.  Great 2-D graphics, a good instrumental score, and very satisfying game play make this a game I would heartily recommend for anyone.  I do not think a family would be displeased inviting A Boy and His Blob into their home.

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   Sonny Bonds         6/8/2015 3:33:37 PM

This was one of my favorite games when I was growing up because it forced you to use your imagination to ultimately beat the game. So few games these days challenge you in that way.


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